Crossing the Wurzenpass last summer

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Safehaven, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Hey Y'all :)

    I just got round to uploading a video of last year's bike trip, which went from Belgium though Germany, into Austria and then a whole lot of riding in the mountains between Austria-Italy and Slovenia.

    I though I'd share some some of the famous mountain passes from that region with all of you:

    YouTube - Crossing the wurzenpass on a Harley Davidson

    The sound quality is pretty bad and I didn't overlay any music so you are warned.

    I've taken the liberty of posting the start and end location on google map, so you know where to find it :)

    Kärntner Str./B83 to Route 201 - Google Maps

    Some facts: road was in pretty poor shape, but it was an awesome sunday afternoon!
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    looks like a great ride. makes me want to go on one now!
    hanks for sharing