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    I am in the process of doing a 95" big bore build stage 3. On the advice of members of this forum I was changing to a gear cam instead of the chain an tensioners. I found out that my pinion run out was .0025, borderline for gear cams and advised to go with chain and tensioners. Will this wobble in the crank shaft cause me other problems down the road? I'm kind of new to this and was told the loose tolerance is common with Harley. Thank You for any advise.
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    Possibly. Unfortunately, you and I have the older pressed crank. Although the scissoring problem was more prevalent in the larger displacement engines, it can happen in the 88" depending on how the bike is ridden. My guess is that you are NOT adding to the displacement in order to ride it more gently!!

    So you might want to consider having the crank trued and the pin welded IF you are set on the gear drive. If you go with the roller chain conversion, it is more tolerant, but if you ride the bike hard after upping to 95", you may still scissor the crank enough to mess up the oil pump.



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    YOU MUST NOT have read "MOST" of the members I know say: IF THE HYDRAULIC "KIT" BEEN AVAILABLE BACK IN 2000 OR LATER,,,, THEY WOULD OF USED THE KIT TO UP-GRADE .... not the gear drives (just for the upgraded parts and $$ cost alone)

    I for one "BUBBIE" have written pages of PRO's and CON's on this subject and DOUBT if i would of suggested the GEAR DRIVES with out checking crank run-out AND ALSO going WITH the OTHER MUCH NEEDED UPGRADES like the "KIT" comes with.... If suggestions were from me for GEAR drives,,,,, IT would of ALSO SUGGESTED,,,,,,,,

    GET THE high volume OIL PUMP,new style CAM SUPPORT PLATE, with new bearings (torringtons), check crank run-out and GEAR DRIVE should work GREAT....

    I think if you RE-READ the post on the subject GEAR DRIVES and HYDRAULIC up-grade KITS you will find that MOST are NOW SUGGESTING the KIT n HYD over the GEAR....

    BIGGEST reason I would suggest the KIT (hyd) is because IT WAS NOT AVAILABLY when I did my CONVERSION back in 2001 on my 2000 FXDS... NOW,,,all the NEEDED UPGRADES (high volume oil pump, cam plate,better chain n sprockets) need to change over,,, ARE IN THE "KIT". HD 429.99

    I paid 750$+ for oil pump n cam plate available then... the KIT HAS all these parts for a MERE 429.99$ and changes out to HYD tensioners....... I would suggest to go the "KIT" way JUST FOR THE 2 up-grades : oil pump, cam plate...LESS $$ than by them selves.

    IF you want to go GEAR it will cost you about 600/700$ ... plus cams and oil pump/cam plate ...

    YES you can go without the HIGH VLUME OIL PUMP and the GOOD upgraded cam support plate (i used fueling oil p./delkron cam p.)

    BUT I wanted the BEST for MY upgraded bike motor AND wanted it to LAST a LONG time....

    I went GEAR drives with the above UP-GRADES, spending 3 times the $$$ it WOULD of cost me using the "KIT" TODAY...

    IF available back in 2000 I would of gone with the "KIT"

    I pit over 60,000 miles on that BUILT motor and all trouble free(on the motor)..... 117,000 on the dyna / traded in for new bike i ride today.

    "MORE forgiving" is the other KEY WORDS HERE.... with the "KIT"
    THAT being said GO a direction YOU ARE HAPPY WITH.....

    I am just ANOTHER MEMBER HERE and JUST sharing my opinion of which may change at any time... I do like my 09FLHR 96" motor w the HYD stuff already there, runs good and SOUNDS great..

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    Thank you both for your reply. Thank you BUBBIE for past advise. But I have to ask again,even if I go with the HD kit should I be concerned with the crank shaft run out? will it my cause me more problems such as bearing wear and oil pump damage? Thanks
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    This is the factory spec from 02 HD service manual - Pinion shaft runout 0.0-0.003
    It is with in factory spec, it could have been 0.0025 from day one. I would have no problem running it, and would not loose any sleep over it. I do have to agree with Bubbie the cam plate upgrade w/oil pump would be hard to pass up.