Cracked Exhaust Header

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by tbaker1212, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. tbaker1212

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    I just received a disturbing call from the dealer where I dropped my bike off (noise I couldn't figure out) turns out that I have a 1" crack in my rear cylinder header pipe (had Rhinehart true duels put on my 05 EG when I bought it last year). I'm just wondering what might cause this (ie: faulty installation, or something else causing fatigue and stress)? I'd hate for the same thing to happen another year down the road. Your thoughts are surely appreciated. Thanks.
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    Wellcome to the forum Chief. Your cracked head pipe could have been caused by installation, or it could have just cracked. proper installation of the whole exh. system can be time consuming. Everything needs to be put on, then wiggled around to find it's natural position, then sequential tightening of all the parts making sure there's no binding. Anything in a bind will suffer from engine vibration, and prone to crack. It would be difficult to prove what caused your failure.
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    Breeze3, I knew that I'd receive some good info, and shouldn't be surprised that it was so quick. I have picked up some great tips from a number of riders/wrenches on this site and will continue to spread the word about it and the the folks on it. Thanks for the info, and I'll do my best to identify any spots that may cause stress. Take care and ride safe!
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    This is an extreamly common problem. I don't know if there is anything that you can do to prevent this from happening with the stock set up. You can put an aftermarket exhaust on it, buy a new header (which I did), weld up the old one, or leave it alone and live with it like my buddy did. I assume the crack is where the rear cyclinder pipe merges with the front pipe near the tranny.
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    i have BUB header pipes and the rear pipe cracked and broke off at the support tab above the starter. I just took it off welded it back together with the heat sheilds on you can't see it.
  6. sharpscuba

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    Hi chief ..yes seems like a common problem. I have a 07 classic and had that happen last year.
  7. Wayne R

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    I have an 02 Road King which also cracked I too was able to take it off bring it out to get welded, The fellow who welded mine wouldnt weld it on the bike said he was nervous about collateral damage from the welding process, anyway put it back together and the chrome heat shields hide the weld, I think the dealer wanted 3 hours labor and around $225.00 for the header pipe. should mention if you weld it and it can be welded on the bike be sure to disconnect your battery.
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    should mention if you weld it and it can be welded on the bike be sure to disconnect your battery.[/QUOTE]

    I would surely disconnect the "ECM" (Computer) too.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    I would surely disconnect the "ECM" (Computer) too.[/QUOTE]

    Electricity is a funny animal:s always will take the least resistant path to ground be careful
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    Known problem with rinehearts. If it is where the bracket attaches the pipe to the starter. I called them last year and they sent me a new head pipe with the updated bracket, no questions asked. I didn't even buy the pipes they were on the bike when I bought it.