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Discussion in 'Videos' started by R_W_B, Mar 24, 2011.

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    Here are two music videos that I though some of you might enjoy ( I know I did ). Especially you guys still stuck in the snow.

    This first one is a short clip from the original 1969 Movie, Easy rider. I saw this about the same time I was called to go into the Army. The world was different back then, but bikers were kinda the same as now, well maybe some difference.

    The music was in the actual movie, Title-> Wasn't Born to Follow, Group-> The Byrds.
    Hopper has passed on to the other side now but his spirit rides on just like back then, bouncen along on that rigid frame and extended front tubes. Fonda still rides, but a bagger now. Enjoy a relaxing blast from the past.

    (the first one you have to go to youtube to watch just click when asked)

    YouTube - Easy Rider - The Byrds - Wasn't Born to Follow

    This second one is from a more contemporay time frame. It relates to us all and the bond we share as bikers. This group obviously has some talent for making music videos. Enjoy.

    YouTube - Open Road Music Video
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    RWB, you have really hit a nerve with those videos. Starting to get impatient waiting for the nicer weather and tired of those teaser days when 60 one day and 35 the next. But I can say this, I am sure glad I ride and what make its so great is I ride a Harley and it does not get any better than that.....
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    Great videos....It was cool when he came out of the house ,ready to ride...Good song..Also .Easy rider was great movie..:D..Thanks ..waiting for some nice wether still..:small3d031:
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    Thanks for sharing:D:D
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    Those are some good videos