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    So I have a couple of unrelated questions, other than they apply to my 09 Ultra, so I hope that makes it legal
    I am planning to trade out my air temp gauge for an oil temp gauge and the catalog says it fits 99 and later FLHTCU, among others but isn't compatible with chrome inner fairing trim kit (96396-09) and I wonder why that is. I have the trim rings on my gauges. Does it just mean the rings won't go through the hole?
    The other thing is the other day I swung in a diagonal parking space along a street curb, the street had a pretty high crown and a walked a few feet away and heard a scraping noise...........and it was the jiffy stand scooting along the street as the bike was rolling downhill to me. I caught it with no damage done but a spike in my blood pressure. So the question is does it hurt anything to start the motor in gear with the clutch disengaged.
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    You're lucky you caught it before some real damage happened.:s

    It doesn't hurt anything starting with the clutch disengaged, actually it lessens the drag on the starter motor.

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    Others will respond but you have learned that putting the bike in gear when parked is a good idea. As far as starting in gear why not put the bike in neutral before starting? I would think that as long as the clutch is adjusted correctly starting in gear causes no problems, but if your hand slips off the clutch lever you have another problem.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    No, Nothing to Harm the bike IF the clutch is set Loose enough (actually set tight enough to allow clearance of the clutch plates) to NOT drag against the starter..

    NOW this I am just suggesting to do IF ON Occasion you NEED to start it in gear. NOT suggesting every time you start.

    I only will start in gear IF I Kill the motor and Need to get it going quickly.. Like at a light or on a hill, then I will..

    Starting IN GEAR is Hard on the starter.. No matter how tight the clutch is set to OPEN Up the plates ,,,, IT Will Drag on the starter..May not be a problem now but WILL down the road...

    Just My Way

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    Thanks to all, you can be she is parked in gear right now, and its a flat parking lot. Anybody have any ideas about the oil temp gauge?
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    I would think the trim ring needs removed for the opening in dash is just big enough to fit gauge through.
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    Can't help you much with the Oil Pressure question.

    As for starting in gear, I'll agree with Bubbie. I might add that when I do start in gear, with clutch pulled, I'll also have a big hand full of brake too. My bike will lunge forward several inches if I don't. It won't go any where after that but, I won't risk it. It also seems that the starter spins more slowly when I start it in gear, ( clutch in ). If time permits I'll always put it in neutral before hitting the start button.

    I hope that helps a little.
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    Trying to remember but I think I removed the air temp gauge from the rear. I had the chrome rings on the gauge.
    I replaced it with a Marlin's oil temp gauge. They already are chrome so no extra chrome ring was needed.
    Don't know how it would go with an H-D gauge.
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    Thanks again to all,
    As far as parking in gear and starting, I will be parking in gear and starting in neutral, even though starting in gear avoids that lovely clunk going into first.
    For the gauge, I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there, if needed I can get the hair dryer and pry the ring off if it has to come off. I was just curious about what the catalog said, and a couple of differnt parts jockeys didn't know either.
    This whole thing will probably end up being in the fall. I am going to hang the custom auxilliary lamp brackets and bullet signals, and the gauge swap, and I hope the boom audio amp, and maybe send the radio to iron cross and gauges for new lights, and figured I would just do it all in one whack with the fairing off once.
  10. TXStreetGlide

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    I just replaced the oil temp guage on my 2010 SG. It is the same size as the other guages, so I dont see a problem in fitting the trim rings.


    Oops, just saw the last comment. The guage will fit without removing the ring, as it installs from the outside inward. I also had a problem with the supplied metal backup bracket. It would not align the guage properly. I used the old plastic backet and modified it to work. Worked great. Other than that it was a straight forward install.

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