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    We was rearended last sunday by an 87 yearold man. We was making a right off of i44 onto glenstone and gad to stop for trafic. My wife hollerd go and i looked in my mirrors and saw a truck comming up behid us and not stopping so i gunned it trying to get away and he hit us. He was on my fender for around 15 feet. I had a very hard time keeping it up but i did. The guy was meaning to hit his brake but was giving it gas instead. He told me he shouldnt be driving or he might kill someone. He sayed he wasnt driving anymore after he got home. The he told me he had totaled his car 2 weeks before and then wrecked his truck 1 month ago. I wasnt mad just happy i diddnt lay it down and me and my wife diddnt have a scratch. (but our backs are both killing us now)but we are not layed up in a bed thank goodness. It could of been alot worse. Felt like having a blowout and had no controle over the back of the bike.. Thanks to good friends we got it home. Now we are without a bike tell its fixed and they say it could be a month tell we can get a rear fender for the bike. We dont ride that much only have had the bike for 5 months and have put 17000 miles on it. Lol it (EDIT) being with out it. Theres going to be some boring weekends to come. :(

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    Glad to hear you're ok. Did the old man have insurance??? Some of these old people are worse than kids on their phones. There should be mandatory driving/eye tests once you hit 65. And you say you don't ride that much, but you've put 17,000 miles on your bike in 5 months??? That sounds like a lot of riding to me. (or maybe you got one too many zero's in there) :D
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    Glad you and your wife are OK.:cheers Good thing she's got your back.

    I swear some women have eyes in the back of their heads.:lolrolling

    My dad was the same way but after the third accident (luckily noone was hurt in any of them)when he was 80, he turned in his licence and said no more. He didn't want to push his luck and end of killing someone.
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    +1 on the above.

    Some folks (who have lost normal ability) are dangerous. That is a fact. Your wife must have indeed have eyes in the back of her head.
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    Glad it didn't turn out any worse for you. This reinforces the need to keep your bike in gear and keep checking your mirrors until you are 100% certain that traffic behind you has stopped.
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    I've had plenty of friends rear ended by older people on their motorcyles. When i used to be the long arm of the law and would respond to car accidents involving the older generation i would sometimes have to make the decision to withhold their license, tow their car and call for someone to pick them up because it was pretty clear they were not fit to drive. While in court i would explain my reasons to the judge and he would order a driving evalution on the person in order for the man or woman to get there driver's license back. Not sure what states also do this but a lot of times cops have the power but just don't use it. Not sure why? I rather get an upset phone call to my supervisor over a towed vehicle than explain to a parent while there child died and i could have stopped it. Stay alert, Stay alive!
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    Good move Ultra.

    I wish that they would do it around here. I have a neighbor that is 92 and still driving yet and shouldn't be. The other day he came up the street rather briskly and then when in front of my house he mashed the brakes for no reason at all and then proceeded to take off like a dragster to the corner. I'm glad there was nobody in front of him or on the street.

    I think reevaluation should be done after a certain age to qualify for continuing driving.
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    Glad you guys are okay, sorry you are without the bike, but at least the bike can be replaced. Take care of you backs, get checked out pretty good. :s
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    At least an Eye exam. Here in Florida we can renew our license by mail, I still don't understand this one
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    I'm glad you and your wife are ok...Im thankful I joined this forum for many reasons but one that comes to mind is looking behind you at a stop and leaving a way out ..Its saved me..Thanks everyone..:)