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    I had an interesting experience yesterday that I think I'll share, as I'm sure others have experienced it, but if you have not it might be good to know.

    A little background first:
    I have rode 205 miles on my scoot before and at fill up took 5.1 gallons of gas (5.5 tank capacity). That's an average of 42MPG.

    Riding to work each day this week I was on the way home yesterday, had 183 miles on the current tank of gas, low fuel light was not on. As I exited the highway to turn west (3 miles from home), and I did brake pretty hard, the engine stopped running.

    I pulled over on the side of the road thinking I hit the kill switch instead of the blinker (have done that before) to find out the switch is still on run.

    Took a minute to check everything else out and then started the bike. Started right up, ran fine so down the road I go.

    My next stop was at a stop sign intersection on a down hill. As I approach the stop sign the engine stops running again. Starts right up so off I go.

    Nest stop sign is on a up hill, I approach the sign and the engine keeps running.

    Now I am thinking that the fuel in the tank must be lower that I think and the fuel is moving forward starving the engine shutting it down.

    So for giggles I get hard on the brakes and yep, it shuts down. Start it up and stop easy on the brakes no problem.

    I fill up, takes only 4.4 gallons. The rest of the ride home and into work this morning was uneventful.

    Sooooooooooo apparently when the fuel gets low you can starve the engine by braking too hard causing the fuel to move away from fuel line outlet. Just be aware....unless someone else has another explanation.
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    One quick question, Is your Heritage fuel injected or carburated?
  3. Breeze3at

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    2007, all big twins were injected.
  4. Slo-Ryd

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    My fuel light will come on going down hills or coming to a stop when it's really low and go off if I hit an upgrade. I have never ran it so low that it has starved the engine, but from what you're experiencing, I could say it's a possible theory. The last month or so, I thought the light had burnt out becuase usually around the 160-170 range (5 gal. tank '03) it would come on and usually takes just a splash over 4 gals to fill up. Wednesday I decided to push it and it did come on at closer to 180 miles. I guess it's because most of that tank was highway driving and I netted a couple extra mpgs. But...usually around the 160 mark, I'm looking for fuel anyway since the gauge still reads anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 when the light comes on :p
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    Correct it is fuel injected.
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    You could have the beginnings of a perforated fuel line. Next time the tank is down below 1/2 open the fuel cap then turn the key on. Look inside the tank to see if the fuel is moving around or making a swishing sound.
  7. BikeSAG

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    Good suggestion, will do.