Converting Sport Bike Riders

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Nikko684, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Nikko684

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    So I thought about adding this thread, as it would be interesting to see the results. I don't know about you guys, but every sport bike rider I come across, I try to talk them into switching to a Harley. I will literally spend hours talking to them and showing them pictures of the different Harley's. Usually they tend to like the VRSC models, naturally, lol. I have successfully converted 2 in the last week. One bought a 2013 Sportster 48, the other bought a street glide and I have 2 others seriously looking at the Nightrod.:bigsmiley14::D I think we should all post our results after a successful conversion!
  2. Joyflyin

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    LOL, I can't really convert them, as I have no real sport bike experience. :) I think it is a totally different experience...but IMO, ridin' is ridin', I don't care who you are. :)
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    I'm not sure what your motivation is for wanting to convert someone from a sport bike rider to buying a Harley. I happily answer any questions anyone might ask about my bike or Harley's in general, but I would never try to talk someone off of a bike they're happy with.

    Have these sport bike riders expressed an interest in switching to more of a cruising riding style? Are you trying to build up a larger group of friends to ride with and you don't feel comfortable mixing in with sport riders?

    Curious minds want to know!
  4. 03HD883R

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    I had a '96 Ninja 250 that I acquired off a young fellow a couple years ago for free that I did some electrical work for and it was alright. Never really like the hunched over effect. Great on gas. I wound up adjusting the valves, dropping in new plugs, brakes, tires, and replaced some of the fairings... practically refurbishing it, and I sold it for a good penny to another young fellow that was learning how to ride.

    One thing I liked about it, was the ease of handling. Heck the bike weighed only 2 buck fifty -- if that!

    I'm still trying to get another buddy to sell his z1000 for a nice Harley... but he likes the speed.
  5. dbmg

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    You first must be young and wild before being old and wise.:p It really comes down to the enjoyment factor. Riding a sport oriented bike at 10/10ths all the time will become tiring with age. Let alone how twisted up you need to be just to ride one and old bodies and big bellies are just not as flexible as they used to be. The laid back cruise of a Harley just gives equal satisfaction but in a different way. But I can tell you this from experience, it would be nice to have a 130+ H.P. sport bike with a top speed of over 150 M.P.H. to borrow for a weekend once and awhile...... :small3d019:
  6. caruser4

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    Why would you think of it as "converting"? I like to think of it more as expanding. I went out into the sportbike and adventure/touring worlds but I'll never get rid of the Harley. Not sure what your reasoning for "converting" people might be but if they stop riding whatever they ride just because someone suggested it, well, they must have not enjoyed their bike to begin with.
  7. Nikko684

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    I think it has more to do with the way sport bike riders actually ride. Around where I am, I see tons of motorcycle wrecks on a daily basis, and every single wreck I've seen over the last 7 and a half years at this location, (with the exception of 1 Harley who was not at fault) has been a sport bike rider who was either going excessively fast (120+) or was attempting a stunt on public roadways.
    So now, every time one of my buddies shows up on a rocket, I immediately try to change their minds. Especially the ones that I know how they ride. Sure, rockets are fun, and I've had my fun on them also, but that was back in my teens/early 20's. In my personal opinion, Bikes that can do speeds in excess of 180mph shouldn't be doing it on public roadways. and those that own those types of bikes, are more inclined to do it just because the bike itself can, and most, if not all, ride outside of their skill level.
    So all in all, I think its more of a subconscious way of looking out for people. At least that's how I justify it! lol. If its a stranger, well it's more like I'm just teasing them, but by the end of the conversation I have usually succeeded in planting the Harley seed in their brain :)
  8. Bodeen

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    I tried to to convert my son. To the point of offering to buy a Fatboy for him. Not having it. His response, "I'm not old enough to ride a Harley".
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Very interesting thread. I hope it does not go sideways.
    My 02cents, I have not converted any one
    It is none of my business
    2 wheels is the best way to travel
    I have NO desire to ride a sport bike, my body could not stand the seating or the speed:p
  10. SledDog

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    I ride both. Each one is a different experience. I also have another brand of "cruiser". Either someone wants to ride a Harley or they don't. I don't try and convert anyone. No reason to even go there. Jack is right, 2 wheels is 2 wheels. Who cares what name is on it.

    As with any cult of personality, those that subscribe to it, feel what the do, or ride, or whatever is the best of the best.

    In my experience, I prefer talking anything else then motorcycles when I'm out riding. No matter what brand I'm on that day.

    There are days that the hooligan in me has to have it's 2 wheel time. And that hooligan time means track time. I've my Harleys on the track. But it's the "sportbikes" that satisfy the hooligan.