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  1. Crazyfrog

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    So about 3 weeks ago, I traveled from Cincinnati back to Eastern Ohio to ride with my Dad, (69 yrs old), and a long time family friend. (50ish)
    My dad had riden Gold Wings for years, but had an accident a few years back and stopped riding. He got back on 2 wheels, but downsized dramaticaly to a 750 Honda Shadow Spirit. Said he felt safer on a smaller bike.
    The family friend hadn't ridden for years, and picked up a 1100 Yamaha this spring.

    So I get there on Friday night, and we plan an all day Saturday ride together. After about 100 miles, they decide we find a Harley dealership to stop at and look around. After riding 200 miles that day, just as we are 1 mile from dad's house, he pulls into the school parking lot and says " Get off that Harley and let me ride it!"

    Fast forward 3 weeks > Family friend has a new 08' Ultra, (Mines red, his is blue) and my dad buys an 06' Heritage. So I had to go back in and ride with dad again.

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  2. Bud White

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    Thats cool ya get to ride with your dad .. and got him on a harley to

    Im trying to get mine to get a bike to ride
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  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    That's awesome - wish my Dad was still around to get the Harley bug with me!
  4. streetg

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    Yeah like Dr Doolittle said your lucky to be able to ride with your dad, especially on a Harley!
  5. Ride n Shine

    Ride n Shine Member

    You are a very lucky man to be able to ride with your Dad. My Dads in his 80's and was into bike back in his day but could never hold one up now. I do get him on the back now n then for a short blast. Enjoy your time with your Dad and his mate.
  6. softailsteve

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    Your a lucky guy I;d give anything to be able to ride with my dad I did have the chance to dragrace with him for many years and wish he was still here today , enjoy the times you have together
  7. Carroll B

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    I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. I'm the dad who just bought a Harely. I rode for years and had my son on my old 450 Honda when he was just a baby. (only around the yard). I sold my last Honda in 1991 and several years later my son started to ride. He bought a Sportster a year ago. Three weeks ago I rode with my son and my brother; all three of us on Harleys. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, having lunch at a waterfront restaurant, and then traveling the back country roads with family members. Never pass up the opportuniy to spend time with your family.
  8. biscuit

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    That's great!Ever noticed how motorcycling seems to run in families?I used to go riding with my father through his Triumph to Ducati to Suzuki GS850 days.
    His riding time was cut short by a plane crash, of all things.
    Now i go riding with my son on his new Kawasaki 250.
    The more things change;the more they stay the same.......:eam
  9. 01dynaglide

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    I got my first Harley back in May, my dad had (key word is HAD) 1978 Gold Wing. He sold it not to long after I got my Harley and now he is on a mission to find one that he wants. I have put 8K miles on mine since May 31.
  10. Crazyfrog

    Crazyfrog Active Member

    I had logged many a mile with my dad back in his Goldwing days. Started out as a passenger, then when I turned 16 i got a Honda CM400.

    It is great to be riding with him again after almost 20 years. We are now planning a spring trip down to the mountains. I've been down the parkway 4 times, and he has always said "I'd love to do that some day". Well blank or high water, we're gonna do it!