Considering Ultra Classic - Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by canadianrider, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. canadianrider

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    I am considering buying a 2009 Ultra Classic. I have ridden a number of bikes in the past and currently own a 2007 Moto Guzzi Norge. Reason I am considering Ultra Classic - want a nice comfy couch for riding. I want comfort - nice seat, good back support, good tunes (would like to hook in my mp3 player to stereo system), storage space. That's why the HD Ultra is being considered.

    I am wondering what people have put on their bikes asap after buying - or wished they would have. Drivers backrest? stage one kit? slip on mufflers? alarm system? ABS? Different windshield?

    The bikes I have had were pretty good at getting up and going - usual cruising speed was not the "recommended" version on the signs. I also like to put in long days - 10 -> 12 hours, 1000 - 1200km.

    Altho not a current "Hog pilot", I look forward to trying out a new ride. Any and all suggestions will be gratefully appreciated. And no, I won't be selling the Norge! <grin> :s so thanks for the suggestion in advance.
  2. Doug_09ultra

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    Welcome canadianrider! Well, as you might guess from my user name I am familiar with what you are considering. I have only been riding a few months but I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with an ultra. It is as you say, a nice comfy couch. I would suggest that you invest in the adjustable backrest. It has made a comfortable ride even more so. Also if you have the choice, go with the ABS. I wish I had. As far as the stage one kit goes, I did mine before I picked it up but it is something you could wait to do if you want. (My stage one is detailed in my sig.) I doubt that you'll be disappointed in the power of the ultra as well as the 6 speed trans. along with all the other "perks" it a sweet ride indeed.
  3. Redfish-Joe

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    If you can, try a Road Glide before you decide.
  4. STEVE07

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    I have the Classic and it is by far the most comfortable long haul bike I have owned. Stage1,pipes and TFI really wakes them up if you want it to have a bit more power and less engine heat.
  5. oldgeezer

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    I have no regrets. I love my bike.
  6. Lancer

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    I have an 08 Ultra, love the bike. Gotta haves for comfort: Better seat (I chose Mustang), adjustable backrest, road pegs, aileron hand grips. For performance: Slip on mufflers, full flow air cleaner, TFI. For looks: Enough chrome bling to suit your taste. :)
  7. phatch

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    I have an '03 Ultra and have done numerous long distance hauls with it. I recently put on a back rest which has enhanced the ride considerably. Enjoy.
  8. oakhill200

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    Love my 08 ultra.
  9. dhorne

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    If you are going to go with the ultra and you love your music then go with the hog tunes , th ultra stereo sounded great until i started riding 70 MPH , whipped in the hogtunes and wow what a difference , i went with the extra speakers and amp , all plug and play , also I am a short person and went with the reach seat and was dissapointed on long rides , I had swapped it from a road zepplin , in the end I added an extra inch in my boots and went back to the zepplin , long rides are nothing with this seat and adjustable back rest, and with the new power I dont know how much you need to change as I find the 88 plenty power enough with the slip on pipes and K and N filter , good luck and there is a lot of info on this site , you need to look no where else , there is some super smart moderators here.
  10. IR Rick

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    I have had my Ultra Classic less then a month with over 3000 mile on it now LOVE It
    fun bike to ride, and my wife loves the back seat