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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by 09 FXSTC, Jan 10, 2010.

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    I'm in the process of installing mini apes on a 08 Nighster. I need help determining how to get to the two connectors under the seat to extend the control wires. I have the kit that plugs in to extend. I do want to extend them even though rerouting "may" reach.

    These connectors are covered by a piece of plastic on each side that are somehow zipped tied in place. Does anyone have a service manual that could look and explain it to me.

    I don't think (and hope) the gas tank does not have to be removed. The difficult part looks to be getting the plastic covers back in place after cutting and removing zip ties.

    Thanks in advance.
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    They are routed the same way as the 2007 Sportster, that manual can be download from the manual section of this web site at;
    Harley Davidson Community
    Good luck.

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    Do not have the exact manual detail, but you will need two things, wiring extension kit for easy "plug & play installation (rather than cut and splice) from J&P Cycles pg 797:

    AND a proper tool to remove the wiring terminations (pins & receptacles) from the connector shells using a tool similar to that below:

    Just be patient and do not "force" will be fine!
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    Sorry, I didn't mention I have the Harley extension kit part # 70234-07already. It does not require any pin removal. Simply unplug the connector (which is the origanal help requets to get to those connectors) and plug in the two new "extensions. I have since found out if you remove the front bolt on the gas tank you lift tank up for access to the screw that holds the plastic plate in place. Once I found that out the rest of the job was real simple. Thanks! :s