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  1. fisherman124

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    after reading here for a day,decided to go for stage 1 .just got bike 2000 rgp put almost 1800 miles did fluids and charging system and riding. bike came from police auction ,guy said he just put battery in it just to big for him. came with screaming eagle slip ons thought that was wierd on a cop bike little loud not to bad though the other day i pulled the air cover and found the up dated air cleaner another good find .pulled side cover no tfi .question is do i really need the tfi u know the dealer did the upgrades so they had to readjust the not sure the proper name here ecm mode what ever u get the piont sorry so long but i know yous like all the details.dont hold typing against me thanks wayne
  2. glider

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    It will run better with it than without it. Even with the proper download from the dealer, it's still on the lean side.
  3. fisherman124

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    just thought i would check easy upgrade for me thanks glider
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    I'm planning on leaving on a trip of a couple thousand miles. I have a stock 2010 FLHX and am thinking of going to the TFI when I get back. ( I've spent enough already this year ). Should I have any concerns about traveling that far with the bike stock LEAN
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    There are plenty of stock bikes out there with many thousand reliable miles on them. Enjoy your trip and when you get back do the Stage 1 upgrade with the TFI and then enjoy the power, cooler running engine and wish you had done it sooner.

    Be safe...
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    Do you know the previous history of the bike? Has it ever been dyno'd? If it was dyno'd with a SERT (race tuner), the race tuner would be removed after the dyno and therefore would be no evidence left on the bike for you to find. Might be worth checking with the previous owner or HD shop that set it up.
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    I would say enjoy your ride, you still have factory warranty on your side:s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    This is a Good answer/question for the original Thread Posted..

    I agree to CHECK before you Spend on another product You Might NOT need..

    If NO fuel management is on the bike and only a download I Would Get the TFI,, IT Will Run Better!

    Many discounts are available for TFI so CHECK discounts BEFORE you order and see IF you qualify. Make sure you tell the TFI order person FULL details on Your bike, so you get the RIGHT TFI....