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    According to the HD manual, torque specs for the transmission sprocket locknut is 150ft-lbs in the "assembly" section. On the front page of the transmission chapter, where all the torque specs for the transmission are listed, it is 110-120ft-lbs, and on the instruction sheet supplied with the transmission sprocket kit, the locknut is supposed to be torqued to 50ft-lbs plus 30 to 40 more degrees.(EDIT) - what's right?

    Additionally, the manual says the torque specs for the lock plate allen screws is 7-9 ft-lbs, and the instruction sheet says 90-110 ft-lbs. More (EDIT)?

    Anybody know what's right? We're talking about a 91 Evo/5speed, spocket lock nut and allen screws for lock plate.

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    I would use the specs with the info sheet you have for the new lock plate, this should be the most current specs the MOCO has, look for a date on the info sheet, call your local dealer to confirm the latest specs:s
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    When i did mine i used 150 ft-lbs for the mega nut but the 50 ft-lbs with then further rotation will give the correct stretch on the threads
    for the lock plate screws i would look again at the instruction sheet as the big numbers should be inch-lbs and not ft-lbs as they are only about 1/4" thread the head would be off long before you got to 100 ft-lbs