Completed my 10,000 Mile Service

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by bikernick, Mar 13, 2010.

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    I know this topic has been written on before but I thought my post might give some others confidence to try performing their own maintenance. When I first purchased my 2009 Road King, I wrote this forum asking about maintenance plans. The members here convinced me to try wrenching on my own.

    Well, I just completed my 10,000 service check and i must say it was easier than anticipated. Armed with the service manual, torque wrenches and a good amount of time - I spread the job out over several days. Today I just completed changing engine/primary and transimission fluids (yes, it wasn't required but I changed the transmission fluid also) and adjusted the clutch. Of all the required maintenance, it was the clutch adjustment that I feared most. However, after reviewing the video on this site - it was a relatively easy procedure.

    One of the biggest benefits of doing the maintenance myself is that now I am much more familiar with my bike and it's components.

    There are still some items that I probably will rely on a dealer for - such as any ABS related issues or more technical items. But I still recommend everyone buy a few tools and do some wrenching on your own. You might be surprised just how much you can do - and how much money you can save.

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    Good deal Bikernick...first time always the best...and it gets better after that. Started almost 3 years ago on my HD and never looked back! Salute...!:cheers
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    I did the same thing last year. After joining here I decided that I would do my own work on the Heritage and bought a manual. I did my first service, 15,000 and it went great. Then I purchased a TFI and SE AC installed both and now I have a set of True Duals Fishtails waiting for me a the house for installing. Already saved a bunch of money and learned some good stuff too.
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    Congratulations and welcome to the Busted Knuckles Club, sound like you learned alot & even more important, enjoyed it.:yahoo
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    Good for you bikernick! I enjoy doing my own maintenance also. Like you stated due to technical issues some things the dealer is best doing for you. I'll be taking mine in within the next month or so to have the brake fluids flushed and re-filled (I have ABS).
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    Great job!

    As you said, for all of us amateur wrenchers, I think the key is taking lots of time and not rushing anything. Don't tackle something like a 10K service the day before planning to leave on a trip. Yes, it can drag out over several days, weeks, or even months (in my case) but who cares?
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    Now that you have the service manual and the tools and a wee bit of experience you may find that you are able to stretch your skills a little further

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    Way better feeling then handing over cash to some shop huh? Now price a lift and start reading up on stage 1
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    I've already got a lift. Added V/H Monster Ovals and Power Duel Chaber and Stage One while my wife was working at a Harley Dealership. The discount was unreal and really didn't benefit me wrenching on my own. Now that she no longer works there - definitely doing most of it on my own.

    Next big mod I want to make is adding Chrome Front end. I'll have to study a bit more before I determine whether I want to takcle that mod.
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    If you have an air compressor, Harbor Freight sells a pneumatic grease gun cheap for greasing the goose neck bearings (touring bikes). Sure makes it easy.