completed 1K service this morning

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Nails, Jul 30, 2011.

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    First off thanks to all the members contributing their years of experience here on the site. I always took my other bikes in for service but I wanted to give it a shot myself with the new bike. Got right at 1K miles on it in a couple of weeks, so with the HD service manual and the input from this site I did everything myself this morning. Went with Amsoil, HD+ in the primary, and Spectro in the tranny.
    I have but one question: I completed the clutch adjustment per the book but it doesn't catch until it is about an inch off the bar. Prior to that the engagement was much closer to the bar. Should I do the adjustment again or am I good? Thanks in advance,
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    I would leave it as is now. If it operates closer to the bar, the plates aren't separating as much and can cause difficulty finding neutral and more gear clank noise when shifting.
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    thank you sir.

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    Congratulations on doing your first really makes you feel "one" with your scoot. As Glider says, the more sweep of the lever the more chance the clutch is released easing shifts...the free play at the lever end, with the clutch cable relaxed and the bars turned lock to lock should be about 1/16" or the clutch and oil heats up after riding the freeplay actually increases, that is why I prefer very little freeplay. :)