compensating sprocket/clutch hub sprocket

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by fattyboy, Oct 27, 2009.

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    I have a 2001 roadking , I found out from Glider that the police bikes came out with different ratio's , The sprocket's that I have now, Clutch hub 37 tooth, The conpensating sprocket 24. I just don't no do I go up on the number of teeth or down to get a little more low end. Can anybody help me out??? Thanks, Fattyboy.
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    The front sprocket would be smaller on the police bikes for more bottom end. Going to a bigger sprocket on the front will give you more TOP end but would loose a bit on the bottom end acceleration.

    Here's something that Delmar posted that explains it better.

    Here is the 3.37 setup on your Road King: 24T comp sprocket with 37T ring gear and should run 2500rpm @ 56mph and 3500rpm @ 78mph.

    Typical 5-speed touring bikes have a 3.15 setup: 25T comp sprocket with 36T ring gear and run 2500rpm @ 60mph and 3500rpm @ 84mph.
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    Gearing setup has nothing to do with a Police bike, it has to do with the MM injection. You already have the high 3.37 gearing just like my Police bike.

    If you feel your low-end is weak maybe look for other tuning issues first. Many guys install monster cams and exhaust which aids top-end power while killing the low-end torque. Exact opposite effect they were paying for.

    My RK is bone stock and has a great low-end. I want to go the opposite way with the 3.15 setup for relaxed cruising. To each their own.