Comparison of the HD Modular Helmet vs Shark Evoline 2 helmet

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    Well it was pricey, but I value my big noggin and my comfort on hot days.

    I initially wore a half helmet for 2 weeks before getting the HD modular full face helmet (black with flames) a little over 2 years ago.

    I liked the feel and openness of the 1/2 helmet, but I had issues at speeds over 50 mph with noise. Bugs, rain and cold were a problem, but for a relatively low speed cruise it feels great.

    With a drop in temperatures and a more comfortable adjustment to my 100 mile commute every day at 65-80 mph, the modular HD helmet suited my tastes and made putting the helmet on or talking to others at traffic lights and such, very easy. It also helped with heat will sitting or moving slow in traffic because I could just raise the front to get air. It was difficult to ride above 40 mph with front up because it acted like a sail in the wind. I replace the lexan visor twice, but the tabs wore out very quickly, meaning that I could not ride with the clear visor open for ventilation. It woud just slam shut at modest speed. This helmet was my first, ever, full face motocycle helmet. It did well in the rain and it did not leak around the lexan visor. It has ventilation ports in the front and on top. The front worked pretty well at reducing fogging, but the airflow pretty much washes the inside of the visor. Neither of the vents did much for cooling me on warm days. In my opinion the top vent is useless and just makes noise.

    After 2 summers of roasting in the helmet I queried this board for suggestions and after trying on a few, I settled on the Shark Evoline 2 (sliver color for better visibility). It looked to have all of the multitasking that I wanted and it offered the range of a 3/4 helmet with/without visor (up or down) and a full face design. It was pricey at $365. As buying helmets is a 1 shot deal, I am happy to say it is worth EVERY penny. The day I bought it I left for a 900 mile round trip in 3 days from MD to NC. I went through day, night, cool, hot, and rain. It performed terrific and aside my my head getting used to the new pressure points of this helmet, completely comfortable. It is lighter then the HD helmet and has much better padding (better fitting and better located at the cheeks. The HD didn't fit this well when it was new.) Similar to the HD, there were no leaks around the visor in the thunderstorms. Converting the helmet into any of the formats is easy to do with one hand, at any speed. Having the front of the helmet swing all the way to the back and lock in, out of the wind, makes all the difference in the world, as far as catching the wind like a sail. The clear lexan is much easier to replace than the HD model, as there is a single, push button tab on each side. The clear visor did stay up at any speed (vibrated quite a bit above 70 mph in the raised position, but down in the 3/4 mode it was smooth and quiet), but since it is new, I wait to see how long it will last, so no comparison yet, but the mechanism/hinge appears much more robust. And unlike the HD model the hinge is permanent on the helment and not part of the lexan visor itself. There are two small vents in this helmet but they seem about as effective as the HD model: not much. But, if I am hot or need some air, I just open the helmet up.
    The Shark also has the "fighter pilot" style, daytime visor that slides down. This was a new feature that I didn't think I would like. I think I look stupid with it down, but I actually like its' function, so I will be looking stupid for a while longer.:p As it retracts into the helmet, and unless you sneeze with it down, it should pretty much stay clean for a long time. Very convienent for changing light in the evenings going between heavy shade and low bright sun as sunglasses are hard to change in a full face helmet, while riding. In a 3/4 mode, I don't like the tinted visor as much as sunglasses. The visor works for glare but since it is not as close to your skin as glasses, I did get some occasional dust in my eyes. You are very well protected from bugs, small stone, etc though with the tinted visor and the clear visor down together.
    At leas for my face, the tinted visor comes right to the bridge of my nose but does not touch at all. Perfect fit. Given all that is going on with this helmet, I was impressed how well everthing works. Serious engineering here when you think about how many heads this stuff has to work for.:D:s

    I ride with earplugs, but the noise much less than the HD up to about 60 mph. Above that speed, the noise is a little better (less) in the Shark, but everthing gets loud going that fast. Vibration from wind buffeting is much less with the Shark. I know this is subjective based on rider height and windshields, but in the summer I have a 6" windshield for getting all the air I can and I am 6'4" as a reference. I am pretty much getting the blast from the batwing right in the face.

    The convertability works as advertised. It is a quality product that appears to be made very well. For me this lets me take one helmet and be as comfortable and as protected as I want to be for the riding conditions and my own risk acceptance.
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    sounds like u got a good helmet. I like hjc non-modulator & Nolan 102 no leaks & has a jet pilot inner visor for the sun both just under 200.00. i like my 1/2 helmet..but for rain it full face,,

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    HD Modular Black w/ Flame Helmet:


    Shark Evoline 2

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    I really really wanted to like that Evoline helmet - tried it probably over a year ago and anything over 30-45sec of wearing it, put tremendous pressure on my forehead and was no where near a correct fit over the top area of my gord. Unfortunately, the shape of my head, and the shape of this helmet....were not a match.

    Had to send it back and swapped out for a Shoei modular. While the Shoei is a good helmet, it still fits no where near as well as the Arai that I have. I await the day Arai's go modular...which may be a while. But that is a sweet design on the Evoline -
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    It is always very personal with the "fit" of things like helmets. The HD helmet hurt the top of my head in the beginning but a little foam addition helped alleviate the hot spot. The Shark does have a pressure point for me on my forehead as well but it only got bad after 6 hours. After that long, and being a new helmet to me, that makes sense.

    Thanks to NewHDFan for adding the photos and making this a better post!

    I would think that if there was money in it, perhaps it would be done. Maybe it is and I just don't know about it. It would be nice for manufacuters to have "Gear Days" when, much like taking a spin on a HD when the truck comes to a dealer, you could try out helmets, jackets, gear etc on a short ride to get a better idea of fit and function.
    When I was in Italy, there was a MC event where companies were letting people take out some body armor vests for short rides. I have never observed or heard of that state side.
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    They do this with ski equipment all the time. I did a couple of demo runs in 6 different sets of skis this winter, and it helped me pick the pair I wanted.

    For equipment that is as personal as a helmet for fit and feel this would have a big impact on people making the purchase.
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    I got an evoline for the same reasons, I didn't want to have a sail on my head.

    After about 3hrs I got a major sore spot, so I took out a small bit of styrene, problem solved, the tinted visor must have caught some dirt so there is a scratch down the middle of it, but I don't see it in my line of sight. I find that its hard to ride above 35 with the clear visor up, but I have a very short windshield on my ultra.

    With that said, I LOVE this helmet! I have worn a novelty helmet for years and I wanted a real helmet that I would wear all year round. This is it.

    I also got it cheaper 337 @ helmet harbor, after registering on the site. The only thing I would warn about is return policies, Motorcycle superstore seems to have the best policy.

    I had tried a nolan n43 trilogy, the medium was too big, the small to small, and with the shield up it ripped my head off....
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    It has been almost a year with the Shark Evoline helmet and I have had 2 issues.
    1.) The gaskets that seal the clear visor to the helmet, to keep rain out need to be keep clean and lubricated. I neglected the gasket a little and it got hung up when I closed the visor. It "flipped down" and got pinched against the clear visor. There is a little crease in it but it still functions fine. When you purchase the helmet you get a little bottle of silicone lube. Use it. The "303 Aerisoace Protectan" I like, works as well.

    2.) About 2 weeks ago, my helmet slipped out of my hand and banged into the wall in my office. It completely shattered the vent that is on the front of the helmet. I called the shop where I bought it (a Honda shop) and did not even get a call back. I emailed the Shark Website and got an email that day. I contained an exploded diagram of my helmet. The email asked me to identify the part number and reply back with my mailing address. I did not get a reply to my response for over a week. I sent in a second email this past Friday, asking to confirm that they had received the previous email. No response to that email, but today the part was in the mail, free.

    I wish I would have gotten a confirmation email, but they did make it right and you can't complain about "Free".
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    Thanks for the great post. I have the same HD Modular helmet that you had. I do like it, but have considered others such as the Shark just so I could go back to the 3/4 from time to time, as I tend to prefer riding with the modular up, except when on the highway and the only reason I put it down is due to the wind sail effect :D

    Thanks for sharing...guess I need to start putting some money away for that, but that creeps into my chrome fund :D
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    Great should be writing for a motorcycle magazine! I have yet to spring that much on a helmet but it sounds like the money is well spent on the shark. I personally wear an HJC full face for long highway runs to work and an HJC half helmet for when I'm riding the back roads in a group. The were both 90 bucks for the full and 45 bucks for the half. I have no complaints about either helmet.....they do the job for what I use them for.

    As far as the HD helmet I can give you my opinion......HD gear is good.....but for the same money there are other name brands out there that are MUCH better! If you are the type of rider that enjoys a harley for the ride and don't feel the need to have HD logo on everything you wear definately shop around for other gear! For riding jackets look at tourmaster......great products and they all come in basic black so you don't look like a sport bike guy that borrowed his dad's harley!!!!:D