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    I thought that this would be a good place to post one of the reasons that I love riding harley so much.
    Of course there is the feeling of having that machine under you that will allow you to go anywhere - including some places that cars can't - and having the feeling of being completely free rather than in a metal box.
    The thing that makes being a Harley driver great, though, is every time that another rider waves to you on the road going passed. It isn't unique to the Harley, it ties all motorcycle drivers together like being in a club. But having a Harley is like being the leader of the club.
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    Of all the things we ride, drive, fly in or float on, owning a HD is a blast!!!
    It brings back memories, good & bad, makes you smile and eases the stress of this world we live in. I don't even have to go a block and all the stress of the world just falls off.
    You know what they say....If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand it!!! AMEN.
    Ride Safe Everybody!!!
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    Riding a motorcycle lets you know why dogs always hangs there heads out of the window of a car while going down the road. There is nothing better then knees in the breeze.
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    For me, its the people we get to meet. Last week I rode east about 75 miles from Lake Chuck to Lafayette (actually Scott), Louisiana to Cajun Harley Davidson to see their showroom, buy a T-shirt and visit. In the parking lot, I met a guy about my age who had stopped to get a new battery because he didn't like the way the old one was acting. He was on a longer road trip from Lafitte, LA to Austin, Texas - had an 03 Heritage in Vivid Black (like my Super Glide) so we compared notes before getting back on the road. Excellent morning!!! :)