Comfortable foot positioning on Ultra

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by horizonchaser, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Since reading DanDolfn's post on RK floorboards and reading WHM1 reply in that same post, I thought WHM1's foot positioning is the way that i would like for mine to be on the Ultra. As it is now, if I am on the Hwy. pegs I have to lift my leg up and around to hit the brakes. I saw a guy just last weekend who had his bike set up the same as WMH1's, that is, he rested his heel on the floorboard and pivoted from the hwy. peg to the brake effortlessly. Those of us who have Ultra's, is your bike set up that way? I have seen from this forum the optimum riding positions for our height, and I am within that, my legs are at the 90 degree angle to the floorboard but I want them more straight out. I am 6'3" and would love to be further extended but like I said, there is no way that I can pivot on my heel to get off the floorboard and on the brake seamlessly. It seems the lowers would get in the way for any leg extension. Any suggestions?