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    Seems a bit early to ask but Autumn is just around the corner in Pennsylvania.

    After much reading and a few answered questions from forum members here, I purchased and enjoyed my Warm & Safe heated jacket liner and gloves this past riding season.

    I am now looking for some winter pant options for the cold temps which are sure to come.

    I have considered the Fieldsheer Mercury Pants which are on sale now.

    Are there any other over pants that I should consider before hitting the pay now button?

    As always thanks in advance....Dave
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    I've got the Tourmaster Venture Air pants. They're nice because they come with 2 zip in/out liners - one waterproof and one insulated for warmth. You can wear them in warm weather with no liners and get better hip and knee protection than jeans. They're fine as long as your moving - vented so you get good circulation. Add the appropriate liner and you're good for wet and/or cold weather.

    Interesting side note is that I emailed them with some questions and was told that Tourmaster does not consider these to be overpants. I just ordered a size I knew I could wear over my jeans.

    Tour Master :: Textile Pants :: Venture Air Pant
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    Not at all Dave.:p The weather today will be 94 degrees with a heat index of 101. My engine oil is outgassing hydrocarbons and my header pipes have that faint glow of orange. The tar in the pavement is like chewing gum while I look for shade just to cool off.
    Think warm.:D
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    Gerbings Extreme Pants. I like the pants better than heated undergarments. And they are waterproof and have pads.
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    How about lined jeans like the guys in construction wear with a pair of leather chaps on top. I'm a Northern Rider and this combo has worked well for me with out being too expensive. To-day in Calgary the temp. is 12C and overcast which is just over 50F. We Know About Cold Riding.