Code 1510,2122,2138 Limp Mode.

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Redrider, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Well folks. The SG has thrown the same codes again. (1510,2122,2138). This time I decided I would tear it down and take a look. I bought a new twist grip sensor, removed the twist grip sensor along with the wire. Pulled some string back through as I was pulling the TGS wire harness out. I lubed the wires for the new harness well to pull them into the bars. These are 1&1/4 bars with gradully turns , no sharp bends. As I was gently pulling I got considerable resistance so I decided to pull all the wires out of the right side bars. I had a hard time just getting the switch harness out. When I got the wires out I was shocked at how many wires were in there. Hearing that there are 18 wires and seeing 18 wires is a different Some of the switch wire had some frayed spots on them. All of these wires had about an 8" extension on them. there were no extensions on the TGS. I spent a couple of hours soldering and heat shrinking the switch wires. After all this I decided that there were too many wires to run through the handle bars. I decided to run the switch wires outside the bars, and leaving the TGS harness inside the bars. It was a simple task running the TGS wires, after prepping the bars for the reroute of the switch wires of course. Got everything back together and started the bike. The bike had good idle, good throttle response, and no codes. So I turned the bars hard right because that was one way I had been able to duplicate the CEL, and codes. The light came back on with the same codes.

    Ok now we have a new TGS and harness. So I clear the codes and start the bike again. No CEL at first, then I reach around since the fairing is still off and gently bump the switch wires and there is the CEL agian with the same codes.

    The theory I have is that the wiring for the cruise control is some how effecting the TGS or the computer is reading it as such. After rerouting the switch harness There will be plenty of wire without the extension so I decided to order a new Cruise control module ( I think that is what it was called part #77196-08) to replace all of the wiring that was damaged.

    Sorry for the long winded post, but if there is someone having the same problems I would hope that maybe this would greatly reduce some of there trouble shooting.

    Thank you for all the info I have gotten from this site. If I had not found this site I would have been running completely blind.
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    The problem most in likely in NOT ind the TGS it is in the Throttle Control Actuator (TCA) plug located to the rear of the air cleaners. There are threads in the touring section about this problem so you may want to do a search.