Clutch Issue ?

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    I have a 2010FLHTK with 25000 miles
    In 5th at 60mph if I throttle hard I get a little clutch slip before it grabs
    No slip at any other time pulls hard in every gear except 5th
    Any ideas
    By the way it just was serviced by the dealer before this happened
    All new fluids etc
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    I agree, had the same thing happening a while back and there was no slack at the lever on mine. I just checked the setting inside the coverplate as I was changing oil and there was not the proper slack there as well, but it was not slipping. It had been done at the dealer and my guess is maybe they did it when the engine was hot, as it needs to be done on a cold engine.
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    WHAT Fluid did they Use??????

    Read the below, IT May Help On Your Problem:

    BUBBIE's Clutch Adjustment - Harley Davidson Community

    Re: Clutch ajustment question.
    COLD adjustment only.

    The 1/2 turn OUT on the adjustment bolt on center of the clutch pack Is the MOST important thing.... Anything LESS like leaving it tight to the clutch or PRESSURE IN against the clutch will allow slippage...

    Never adjusting clutch properly,,Riding the clutch and-or improper lube (not wet clutched approved) will shorten clutch life.

    Simple proper adjustment will show : Less Clunk. easier shifting, less friction when in gear and clutch pulled (like at a light). Less heat...

    IF the Cable adjustment is correct BOTH are needed right.. Too Loose at the cable adjuster WILL cause wear between the clutch disc, hard to shift and find Neutral.
    Too Tight on the cable adjustment will allow clutch slippage and wear it out....

    IN EXTREME cases;

    Glazing of the clutch plates is corrected by removal and cleaning (glass-bead blaster) OR replacing them.

    TIME to adjust on MY bike;

    Once correctly adjusted Using My BUBBIES Clutch Adjustment.
    Harley Davidson Community

    After 4,5 thousand miles I Check the clearance at the cable adjuster at handle-bar-clutchlever.. Keeping it at 1/16" to 1/8 " is all that is needed for several thousand miles.. Normal clutch usage will give "ME" 2 to 3 cable adjustments at the Most Before I go back and do the FULL adjustment again.. Usually full adjustment is not needed for at least 10,000 miles +...

    any abnormalities in a clutch operation should be addressed as soon as possible... Not the cheapest to replace when simple Maintenance can avoid the high $$$$ repairs.

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