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    Anybody got any pics of installing the clutch cable into the transmission cover? I have a 2005 e-glide classic and while removing bracket for exhaust i think I screwed up my cable, now leaks...:bigsmiley19::bigsmiley19:
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    Not sure what happened. Did you remove the exhaust bracket in order to remove the side cover and replace the clutch cable assembly, or for some other purpose? Is the clutch cable assemble leaking where it threads into the side cover?

    If the answer to both questions is "Yes", then you may have damaged or forgot to put the small oring that is on the threaded end of the clutch cable assy. If it is on there, you may just need to GENTLY snug up that end of the clutch cable assy to the side cover. If the oring is missing or damaged, you will have to remove the side cover to install a new one.

    If it is leaking somewhere else, describe that.

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    As was stated look carefully at the o-ring if it is damaged it will have to be replaced if not try tightening it up.If you are concerned about the dificulty in replacing the cable take a picture of it after you get the cover off,its not a hard job just need a good pair of snap ring pliers..
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    The previous posters have you covered, but here is the view you asked for. Part no. 17 is the one they are referring to.

    Just click on it to open it up with your PDF viewer.

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    WHEN YOU REASSEMBLE APPLY A BIT OF PERMATEX non-hardening sealant to the o-ring area. and as inst. say don't go too tight on it. and that should cure your leak.