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    After replacing my 2002 Road King clutch cable, I can't spin the rear wheel when in gear and clutch pulled in. The bike sat for two months in my cellar prior to this. Is it possible the clutch plates are sticking from sitting too long ? Or do I have to go in the primary side and adjust there first and then the clutch cable. Not the first time I have replaced the clutch cable and I can't start the bike as I have the exhaust off. I have the manual and plenty of online basic instructions. Just concerned about if and how to remedy possible sticky clutch discs. Thanks.

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    NORMALLY the clutch Hangs together UNTIL Motor started and the clutch (if adjusted correctly) will BREAK Contact with(between) the disc.

    Try starting the motor then PULL Clutch In WITHOUT Blipping the motor..... IT idles fast enough and needs No Blipping to Raise the speed of the Not Yet Separated clutch plates....

    I have also Put into gear and Squeezing the clutch in On level surface of my garage, Bump Moved the bike forward' and Back to break the clutch loose.....

    This is a common factor of the HD clutch...



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    Bubbie has pointed you in the correct direction the oil creates suction between the friction pads and the smooth plates
    With the engine running and a wee bit of heat building up the oil will flow a wee bit better when you pull the clutch leaver in the tension is taken out of the spring and the spinning of the clutch will throw some of the oil clear and allow the clutch to disengage drive
    Get the engine warm and hold the leaver in for 30 sec should then be good it is just the nature of a wet multi plate clutch

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    Many thanks. Will post results
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    The results are as follows. In addition to the clutch cable, I also replaced the clutch release cover ( because it had a chip in the chrome ) with an AFTERMARKET brand cover. The groove for the snap ring wasn't in the exact same location as the stock cover. Resulting in not being able to disengage the clutch. ( about .060" difference ) I was only getting about 50% of movement. Not sure if this was one mistake in the production line or if it is an ongoing issue so Im not naming the manufacturer. I had the correct part number order for my bike. I'll contact the manufacturer for more info.
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    Let us know the outcome please. Good Luck.
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    It sounds as if there is an issue with the piece you purchased.At this point you need to contact the shop you purchased the item through.As we are a wholesale company,we can only do business with the dealer that purchased the item through us.Please contact this dealer to request a return.
    Thank you,
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    Gentlemen. I purchased part number 70551 clutch release cover for my 2002 FLHRCI. from a seller on ebay. After putting the part on I wasn't able to disengage the clutch. After inspection, I found the location of the groove that holds the snap ring is about .060" different than on my stock cover. The difference in location of the groove/ snap ring doesn't allow for full travel of the ramp mechanism, thus not allowing the clutch to disengage. No amount of cable adjustment or clutch pak adjustment will help. I would like to know if this is a new problem for this piece or possibly one that had the groove mis-machined and slipped by. I can send a photo if necessary.

    Thank you

    Mark Leedham HOPE THIS HELPS. Mid USA basically wanted nothing to do with tracking down a quality control issue.
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    Thats too bad! Was this a Mid-USA brand or another brand? A buyer beware on HDT, I think would be in order. I certainly wouldn't want to purchase something fro them after seeing the way you got treated.
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    I have found that these eBay sellers will try to sell seconds as if what they are selling a top shelf product. I have had minimal success with eBay purchases. I would not contact seller and file a complaint with the dispute resolution department of eBay. Cause of complaint would be product was not as described. If you follow the process through to the end. I have never lost a dispute. I may have lost out on shipping cost back to seller though. Probably why manufacture requested you to contact seller and would be no fault of Mid-USA.
    Best of luck to you....