Clutch cable question?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by jdgreen454, May 6, 2009.

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    I'm some 16.5" apes to my brother for his 05 fatboy. I'm in the process of ordering the longer cables for him but can't seem to find the plus 6 clutch cable I need. The only ones I'm finding in J&P are stock length oem. I called a tech from J&P and they said they would have to custom make one. It looks like I'll need one about 70". I was wondering if this is the norm for these bikes or if someone makes the cable I'll need without the hassle of custom making one (3 to 6 weeks deliverary time). Thanks
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    Drag Specialties lists 617310 as 70 11/16", & 617311 as 72 11/16"
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    I got mine from Hill Country Cycles. They also have kits for all your cables and brake hose. You just tell them what bike you have and what bars you're installing, and they know what you need. Only took about a week to get them to Canada from Texas.
    They sell a lot of them on Ebay, but I called them instead.