clutch cable fiasco

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by jerryw618, Jun 15, 2011.

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    hello all and HELP!!!! i went to adjust the clutch and the cable housing came apart at the primary cover and started leaking so i went to the dealer for a new cable , they said i need to take the primary cover off to replace the cable , give me cable kit , gaskets , primary fluid . went home checked the manual for my 07 883L it wasnt too clear , diagrams show entire cover off , so i loosen cable remove lever side . move to primary drain fluid, take inspection cover off hex,nut trun screw till clutch release comes off. , then tried to remove primary cover . came undone and i had too force it off of the shifter shaft. (yes i removed shifter arm) kinda had to pry it off, was very clean in there everything looked fine , so i changed cable reassembled everything , ( now i realize i didnt need to take the entire primary cover off i coulda done it thru the inspection cover) adjusted things by the book , have done it several times before no problems , til NOW now my clutch is sticking . like its not realeasing all he way , bike pulls when i come too a stop and almost stall and im having trouble shifting gears , i readjusted clutch by the book , checked fluid 1 qt is fine checked primary chain its adjusted ok, , could i have bent the shifter shaft ? thats all i can think of ? i dont know what could have gone wrong? the only difficulty i had was getting the cover off the shifter shaft . but its not really safe to ride like this and/or ill burn up the clutch or destroy my gears , this is my only means of transportation so i need it running ASAP . thanks in advance ride safe everyone
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    First thing that comes to mind is did you adjust the clutch with the engine absolutely cold? It will make a difference in operation.
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    yes i did
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    Dont know about sportys but in 07 on the big v-twins they changed the clutch cable pull.Are you sure you got the correct cable? Maybe you can compare the old cable to the new one.Good luck..

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    if it is the same cable adjust clutch set screw to where you feel it just snugs then back it 1/4 turn then adjust cable till you have about 1/16 to 1/8 inch at lever should do the trick. those gents should have told you you do not have to take your whole cover off. good luck
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    Pretty sure those gents told him that to intimidate him into paying them to do it for him.