Clutch adjuster screw.

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    So I opened the primary, loosened the jam nut with an 11/16 socket, I began to turn the cluth adjuster screw. To my surprise I was going the wrong way and it came all the way out. I felt like a dummy holding it in my hand. I screwed it back in and continued the adjustment like it never happeneed. My question is will it effect the clucth in any way? Or is it no big deal if I took it completely out?

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    IF you didn't have a Problem getting it back in, should be Ok.

    REMEMBER loosen the cable a bunch and turn IN clockwise the clutch screw JUST to touch,,,,,,,,, NO tighter.. snug stop... You are ONLY touching the stop not SCREWing in further.. BACK OUT exactly 1/2 turn HOLDING there EXACTLY and tighten the jamb nut. IF it moved a bit, Loosen and move in and out again , making sure of the1/2 turn Out, until you get it right.. Lock nut

    derby cover on ,,After you adjust the cable slack out... 1/16 to 1/8 Max at the ferrel at the clutch handle bar bracket cable stop.(grab cable and pull away checking the distance there moving FREE PLAY) OKAY? put on the derby cover and try.
    Double check the cable adjustment,Check handle bars from left to right making sure you have SOME space in that cable adjustment ... straight forward I use a 1/16 and it WILL loosen some in a ride or two..(1/8 " max)

    This adjustment should give you a good amount of separation of the clutch plates and when first start up squeeze the clutch IN and count to 5, then shift to First, NO clunk will be heard..

    Let me know how this works for you,