Clunky transmission?

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Christianflutist, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Christianflutist

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    I just bought my first new Harley, although I've ridden an old one and I used to ride another brand. This new one seems to clunk or chatter quite a bit off and on at various speeds, sort of like when you're not revved up enough and you're dragging the engine down... I've never had a belt drive before nor all the modern technology (my last two bikes were a 1980 and a 1979), but I don't believe that's the difference, and my husband rode it and thought it seemed unusually clunky, also. Any thoughts out there?
  2. whatyardwork

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    Assuming you guys checked the tranny fluid.Just because its new doesnt mean they tightened the drain plug.Id check all fluids and if theyre good,Id be dropping it off as priority (bike down).

    As Hobbit suggested, it could be just a learning curve.I personaly would sleep better knowing I had a signed repair order with my complaint if it was a brand new bike and something went wrong with the tranny down the road.
  3. Christianflutist

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    I was wondering if I should check the transmission fluid level... what if there were no fluid or really low fluid, would that cause it to be clunky? I was reading how to check the level... do I have to replace the quad ring every time I open it up?
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    Check all fluids on every new vehicle as soon as you get home.

    Also, a lot of us change the engine oil after break in. I also changed the trans oil with Amsoil severe gear, really quiets the clunk but it will always be there somewhat. Also, it makes finding neutral much better.
  5. glider

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    It's not necessary to replace the quad ring every time you open it up. You can reuse it a few times as long as it isn't damaged at all.