Close call - Lesson learned

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    Riding home last Thursday after work, I ride through the city. It is 4 lanes one way, with the right-most lane peeling off as right turn only, with a stop light for the turning lane. The other 3 proceed around a left hand bend.

    As I have to bear right shortly after the "peel off" I usually ride in the lane that will become the right most lane after the right turn only peels off.

    Traffic flows at about 35 mph in that area. Just at the peel off for the right turn only lane, (who have to stop) this car decides they are not only not turning, but not stopping either - and proceed to "merge" into my lane.

    I know, I know, I ended up locking up the rear for just a second before releasing it, and the rear kicked right, pointing be headed into the traffic lane next to me. Quickly, I gathered the 800 pound plus scoot back under control, hit the throttle, (my only way out at that time) and counter-steered hard around the mind-changers front fender. Now that got my heart pumping which is really not a good thing since I just had another heart attack on July 4!

    So, after every incident, I try to analyze what I could have done differently. I came to the conclusion after replaying it in my head, that i let myself get boxed in. I am usually very aware of my escape route, but did not allow for one for that split second. Finished the commute home, pulled the scoot in the garage and then noticed a small white paint spot on the right highway peg. The car was white!! Closer than even I thought!

    Ride safely, leave yourself an out.
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    Good advice...not only do we have to drive defensively BUT, we also need to drive offensively too. Got to keep your head on a swivel. :s
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    Glad you were able to keep your cool and avoid the law breaker. Trying to watch your 3-6-9 and 12 is difficult but worth the practice. While you can never control the actions of others, being aware of what is around you and going through the "what if's" is always the one thing we don't do enough of.

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    WOW! Talk about close! Sure am glad I'm not responsible for doin' your laundry! :D But in all seriousness, I'm glad you had the ability and the presence of mind to get yourself out a BAD situation! It is amazing sometimes that the throttle, more than brakes or horn, is our way out, isn't it? When my dad was teaching me to drive, he used to tell me to "Use the bigger part of the steering wheel to avoid trouble, rather than looking for that little button! They made them sized like that for a reason!"

    Glad your okay!
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    Thank goodness you were able to keep your head about you....Glad your ok..:)
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    Thank you for sharing your experience. We all need to be reminded from time to time to be ever vigilant!
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    Glad you came out ok. You should have stopped at OP for a beer. I try to assume that every car on the road is going to do just what that guy did and most of them do. My buddy honks his horn downtown frequently for no other reason then to get drivers attention.
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    The one thing I have learned over the years in situations like yours is..The rear brakes are useless when applied without the front...All the rear brakes do is give you a ride to the ER..You have to cover the front brakes at all times in traffic and be ready to pull..Front and rear together or front only..but never rear brakes alone..Takes a lot of practice for this to become second nature when panic stopping.
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    One more thing, when you traded paint he was officially in an accident and you could have stopp him and an LEO would have gladly given him a ticket, which would have served him right.
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    Only problem was that he didn't know until he got home.