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  1. glider

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    Has anyone received an account closure notice from City bank Visa on a charge card account because "there were many accounts hacked into and information stolen from a merchant that was used in the last 5 years" (according to them).

    I got one of these from the company and they are telling me this and sending me a new card and number which I don't want. I have many monthly reoccurring charges that are automatic and don't wish to go through changing them all.

    Just curious because years back they insisted that I change over to a master card with the same bank (City bank) and I refused to do it and was wondering if this was they way of changing people over with no choice in the matter.

    I've gone through the customer service and the first level supervisor and waiting on a call for the second line supervisor now.

    Please let me know if you got one of these notices when signing into your City bank account account on the internet.

    They said it has been on the news but I haven't seen anything about it as of now.

  2. Bud White

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    no i havent seen that yet ..
  3. glider

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    Thanks guys. :s

    You may be right there Smitty. I wouldn't put it past them.
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    Only time anything similar happened that I was involved the letter told me details and said that they were obligated to give me those details Also they gave me a number to type in so I could type in and check my credit anytime for one year at their expense.You might ask them if they are supposed to do that or did they invent the story to cut accounts and reduce credit lines.That is the usual reason ,to make themselves look better when they are trying to look better for the purpose of selling out the company.IMO
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    Be careful when you get letters from card companies , or saying they are card companies. Especially if they tell you to call a number or to enter info. All the card companies you deal with have all the info they need. When you get one of those letters or a phone call disregard it and call the number on the back of your card to inquire why you are being asked for this. Alot of scam companies out there now.
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    I don't know much about working on bikes... but love to ride mine. This I know about.
    Get rid of your city bank card/account and go with your local credit union! Life will be so much easier!
    As far as your card goes. Yes several have had information stolen and they will close your account and give you new card with new account number. Yes they will charge you an annual fee or service fee for thier mistakes.

  7. glider

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    No letters from the company, this was a notice when I signed on to the City card site but I appreciate the info

    Lew, that link got me wondering about Bank of America too. I bank with them and have had dealings with Ken Lewis, Bank of America's CEO when they "misplaced" an account on me. Not a great feeling but I found after many phone calls that if you go to the top guy and start downwards, you can get answers real fast instead of getting personal opinions from the people lower down the food chain. This ended up being a nightmare but thanks to Ken, it was finally straightened out real fast once I got the right connection with him in the bank.

    They don't charge me an annual fee on my card. I refused to pay it and deducted it from the bill when I paid the bill. They threatened to close my account if I didn't pay it and I laughed at them and asked them "is that the best you can do, you should be happy that I use your card with so many others around without fees".
    They removed the fee from the bills after that (which I never paid) and all was well then.
    They only get away with what you let them get away with.:s