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    Well I just comed over my higly priced and very useless harley manuel to find the location of the circuit breakers in my 1989 Elc. Classic. I even called the local dealer and after alot of head scratching neither the tech or I can find the location. Both side panels are off Nope not there. Ahhh the seat nope,The head lamp buckets out and to no avail. Is this thing so unconviently located in the fairing I ask ? Cuz you know when youre broke down on the side of the road you really want to tear the whole fairing off to change a fuse.

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    This is a diagram for a 1989 FLHT 78 is Bracket, 84 is 15A Ckt Breaker, 86 is a Black Ckt Breaker

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    Does the CB actually show on the pull out schematics in the HD service manual. Which circuit are you trying to troubleshoot?
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    I'm trying to locate the one for the Headlamp and fog lamps. None of them or my licsence plate light are coming on . Turn signals are fine so is the brake.
    I know its on a differant circuit than the brake lights I just thought it would be easyer than this to check the circuits... I'm off to call a shop up the street that the RED and White own those guys are the best help around. WELL besides you guys ! Thx, for all you do !
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    It's located behind the headlamp ! I still had to pull the Fairing but WALAA
    The short was in the wiring to the front fender tip light. I found it with the help
    from Hogrotten Via the cell phone. Now to replace a few pennys worth of wire I must drop the front tire, But atleast its an inexspensive fix. You fellows are tons of help and I really want to say THX. The shop I work in was also wired Via the telephone while Hog was in Guam . I installed the whole service panel 220 included with his help. He's like having a Glider on a string !!!! Thx Porky {hogrottens nickname} and the Mexican foods on ME.
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    Glad you got it fixed. I like mexican food!:)