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    The dealer is telling me that I need the complete CHROME FRONT END PACKAGE, FLSTN (P/N #46536-07) for my bike which goes for about $527.00. Can I get away with Chrome Lower Fork Sliders for FL Softai (P/N #46482-07A) which is $300.00? Also, would I need to purchase new seals? I just need to know if the full kit is required. Thanks
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    You can do just sliders but the kit contains things like chrome wheel spacers, axle covers, and other chrome parts that complete the "look" of the chrome front end. If you want just sliders, tell them that's all you want but the kit does look nice. They also need new seals in the new sliders.
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    Here is what the two kits contain:


    (Kit components vary depending on your model):
    Chrome Fork Sliders,
    Chrome Fork Axle Retainer Nut Kit
    Chrome Fork Slider Drain Screw Kit
    Chrome Front Wheel Spacers
    Classic Chrome Front Axle Nut Cover Kit

    Chrome Lower Fork Sliders for FL Softai (P/N #46482-07A)

    Kit includes right and left slider and the bottom axle retainer
    chrome drain screw
    chrome axle retainer nuts
    oil seals.

    Seems like some of the differences is the upper sheetmetal around the light and forks which the Deluxe already has. The only difference I see is the front spacers. Also, I'm concerned about the sheen of the chrome that they maintain the sheen consistency. There is a $200.00 dollar difference I could buy some of the other pieces. Your thoughts.
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    Probably if you were to add up the cost of the extra pieces in the bigger kit, it would be a savings. There may be more in the larger kit than meets the eye like chrome bolts too.
    Ask the dealer to price out the pieces separately for both kits beforehand.
    The chrome sheen is something you should look into before they install anything either way. Inspect the parts before hand. Usually the Harley chrome is fairly consistent (decent) but also look at the clamp on the bottom of the right slider carefully after the installation and shortly after too. They have a habit of the chrome peeling because of the clamp load on it.

    You can usually get a winter discount too at most dealers.

    The problem comes in when just doing sliders as opposed to the kit. Once the sliders are done the other non chrome pieces stick out then. I did the entire front end kit plus on mine and it looked real nice when done completely.
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    if your doing similar again try some paint stripper to remove the laquer and paint it really speeds this type of job up
    worked well on the engine casings and fork lowers on my 93 sporty
    they do get badly pitted with small stones etc
    £35 got me a bench grinder and £25 got a fair polishing kit
    once youve got the kit you can esily polish almost anything

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