CHeap but QUALITY lowering options for Deuce

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by 01Deuce4Me, Oct 27, 2011.

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    I am fairly new to the board, etc. and just wanted some suggestions on lowering the rear of my 01 Deuce. I have looked around online for some lowernig kits and they look fairly cheap..some as low as 70 bucks..although they seem to just be a couple of bolts and modify the shock or something along those lines. Is that the route to go, or is there something better out there? I don't want to spend a lot of money, but I don't want to ruin my bike either. Want a decent ride that will not mess up the shocks or anything in the long run.
    Also, would you suggest doing this work myself, or getting a local shop to do it for me? What would that likely cost in labor? How long does it take? I am not totally inept with tools, etc. but have not worked on a bike have some experience working on my old Cutlass A LOT before I Could affrod a decent car. ;-)
    Anyway, let mek now what you think or what you have done to your bikes. I would appreciate the opinions. THanks.
  2. glider

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    Lowering any bike will effect ride considerably. I had a deuce and it was lowered from the factory and the ride quality was very poor. It can be a bit of work lowering the softail but it can be some if you are determined but be aware that it is a difficult job being it's all down under the bike. You would be best suited with a table lift to do this type of job.
  3. 01Deuce4Me

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    Really? Maybe my inexperience shows through, but I have not noticed that the ride quality is bad. In what ways are you referring? I will have to admit that I have not ridden any distance yet, but my rides have been quite comfortable thus far.
    I know the ride is going to be a little harsher, but I am okay with that from the get go. It currently has a thick seat (stock I assume) which will be replaced in time also. I am not looking for a Ultra Glide ride or anything, just don't want my teeth to fall out while riding. ;-)
    I'll most likely let a local shop do the work since I don't have a bike lift..surely it won't be too expensive since it looks like a fairly routine job.
  4. Iceman24

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    01Deuce; glider's referring to the ride "after" lowering & it will be different because the shocks will be stiffer & have less travel...kinda like the old "rigid" frames.

    Is there any particular reason for lowering your bike, or is it for looks?
  5. 01Deuce4Me

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    Just for looks. I don't like the way the Deuce fender looks when there is too much distance between it and the tire..I am a tad over 6' tall, so I have no issues with not reaching the ground.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    If you do not like the fender, change it you have many options available Lowering a bike is not a good solution , I have lowered my own Baggers in the past and would not do it again, They never rode the same JMO

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    One thing about lowering the bike, the ride will be stiffer and ground clearance over bumps will suffer...BUT if you do it moderation and you do not "slam" it.\, you will be fine. I lowered my bike not for looks. but for comfort and convenience...being only 5' 6" and 30 inch inseam. I do bottom on parking lot speed bumps if riding two-up and going too "briskly".

    On the open road the lowered bike handling is fine, but I did follow the recommendation of Progressive (the shocks and fork spring manufacturer) recommendations, along with the approx. weights of me and my passenger (no cheating) plus 40 lbs.

    I chose to do it myself because I would know how to go in "reverse" if things did not go according to plan. Your ride, you decide...just do the research so you know what needs to be done, even if you have someone else do it. To me it is "just" a project...and winter is coming :D
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    Not sure why the first thing everyone says when mentioning lowering a bike that it will affect the ride. As stated in many earlier posts I have had to lower almost every bike I have ever owned. Maybe it is because me nor my wife weigh a lot, but I really think there is no difference in the ride. I have an Electra Glide now that I had lowered both front and rear and it rides great, never scraped the floor board or bottomed out. When I purchased the Heritage for the lovely Mrs. Slapp I had the dealer lower the rear one inch and it rides awsome even two up.
    With that said, yes... I do think you can go too low and ruin the ride, however one (1") inch will not kill the the ride. I have some friends who are taller and so much heavy than I, that even with their normal shocks and ride hieght when they sit on the bike it collapses the shocks an inch, so what is really the differance?
    Just remember to much of anything can ruin it.
  9. glider

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    Lowering any bike properly by using a shorter shock will influence the ride and make it harsher than a stock length shock because the spring rate HAS to be higher (stiffer) to compensate for the less travel in the shock. This translates into a harsher ride without a doubt. Whether you spend enough time in the saddle to realize it is another question but it does effect ride. Ask most anyone that has done this or owned a bike that comes stock from the factory with a lowered suspension. I had a SE Deuce that was lowered 1 inch from the factory and it rode like a rock compared to a standard Deuce that I rode.

    It may be that riding styles differ but the lowered bikes will ride harder.
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    Cheap and HD in the same sentence? I didn't know you could do that, kinda like wife/girlfriend and cheap together...