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    looking for some help on charging replaced battery and regulator still not getting over 13 volts on a 96 1340 dyna checked all wires nothing rubbed or shorted

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    Que6977, welcome to the HDTalking forum and your 1st post. Testing the charging system is pretty straight forward...see the link from the Self Help Tips regarding charging system testing.

    Testing The Charging System - Harley Davidson Community

    A non-invasive method to verify condition of the stator is to smell the gear oil for smells other than lube, a strong burnt smell indicates one or more of the stator coils is shorted and burning. Then do the rest of the electrical measurements regarding the non-powered resistance testing of the stator windings and such for proper ohm readings winding to winding, and open reading with respect to ground (leakage or shorted rectifier/diodes or windings). An inexpensive Digital Multi-meter may be had at Harbor Freight for $1.99 a bargain...specially with their 20% discound coupon in your local newspaper or magazine!