Charging system (2004 Road King)

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by tomsaint, Mar 3, 2010.

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    Charging system sporadic - charges then does not! Performed checks all 6 of them as listed here on this site - I am getting voltage at both pins of the regulator and the stator shows continuity pin to pin and .1 ohms from each pin to ground. Bought a new regulator mounted, did not plug into stator plug, just plugged into system and hooked up ground strap - tested new regulator without switching anything on or running the bike and got same voltage on both pins 11.7 as with the old regulator. Faulty regulator?? Any other checks I can do?As I said I did not even plug in the new regulator to the stator yet!

    Thanks T!
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    When you did the bleed-back test, you were measuring each pin on the regulator to GROUND and getting 11.7 volts on each?

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    Type-o? You measure each pin of stator to ground and read .1 ohms.? Each pin of stator to ground should read infinity.
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    Welcome tomsaint, Stators can work on and off before they go out all together, makes them hard to diagnose, but if you have a intermittent charging problem it's likely the stator for sure, not the regulator.
    And voltage does run through the regulator there is no bleed-back test in a 04 manual, harley manual, harley changed voltage regulators in 03 or 04 so the voltage you are reading from the new & old regulator is normal. From what you describe above it is your stator for sure, take the voltage regulator back they are almost bullet proof now a days.