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  1. Badgerw

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    Well I did it. I ordered my 1st pair of chaps from Fox Creek Leather. They were on sale for $20.00 off the regular price. Living in Florida I thought that they would be too warm, however after last winter where we actually had days in the upper 20 degree range I figured they would come in handy. From what I have read the big trick is putting them on for the very first time.
  2. Bodeen

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    I'm over on the other coast of Fla. and my chaps were very nice last winter. You'd be surprised at how comfortable they are when its hot too. So long as your moving and not sitting in traffic etc. They are a real good idea for any fair distance road trip. Fox Creek is an A+ outfit to deal with. I have dealt with them many times, great folks.

  3. Jack Klarich

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    Indeed last winter was colder than normal, I can hear NEWHD laughing now, but I used my 20 year old chaps several days :s
  4. SportyHawg

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    Chaps are the best! Just think of all the road nasties that you won't be feeling because the chaps will take it for you (stones, giant bugs...). Seriously, they are quite comfortable and they help keep the cold air off.
  5. Porter

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    I have ordered belts, wallets and gloves from Fox Creek. Very good products and the service is A+.

    I was going to order chaps from Fox Creek when I saw the sale but I decided to go have a custom pair made for me from a local leather shop. He is struggling in this economy and I wanted to support a local if I could.

    From all I have read about Fox Creek and the few items I have purchased, I am sure you will be happy with them.
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    Some Fat old men put them on the Firemans way. Start the zippers a for a few inches around your ankles, then drop your drawers and pull chaps and jeans up together. Still difficult to get the ankle snaps closed. :52:
  7. Lancer

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    The first time is not pretty, make sure no one around has a video camera:D
  8. ultradoc

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    I have heard alot of good things about Fox Creek. I have used the same chaps [generic from a bike show] for 15 years or so now. It still takes some time getting them on. And I have to help my lady friend get hers on. We made the mistake of getting hers with the fringe which gets caught in the zipper when you put them on. But atleast they look good. Also, see if you notice the zipper creep up at high speeds. On my way to Sturgis the other year I was booking down the road and noticed my zipper would come up from the high wind. Then it flaps in the wind which is uncomfortable/annoying/dangerous.
  9. bikernick

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    I've also purchased several items from Fox Creek and their Chaps are as good (if not better) than any. You shouldn't have problems with the zippers because they are located back and out of the way.

    Fox Creek also has excellent customer service.
  10. R.Bingham

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    I have 1/2 chaps and love them. Only takes about a minute to put on or take off. I got them here Leather Legs