changing oil types during warr/maint

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by pipereefer, Nov 17, 2008.

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    My first HD and trying to get this right. stealer told me not to use syn oil in crank(bearings will slip)on my 08 ultra. I understand this to be bunk now. my new question is do i have to drain oils from maint by dealer,do they supply what i want (mobil1 V Twin,HD form+ & spectro platinum 6 speed) or (dont laugh too hard) do i tell tham not to do oils and get a DISCOUNT on maint? so much I dont know a book is being written about it!
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    With this dealer that told you this lie about syn oils, I wouldn't trust him to even work on the bike. Get the manual and do it yourself. It's not hard and there's videos in the self help forum on how to do different things.

    You would probably end up with $1.99 oil in there anyhow if the dealer did it judging by what you were told.
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    Good choice of fluids! Like Glider said, get the book and do it yourself. The biggest issue is changing the filter so that you DO NOT get oil on your front mount (not good for the material). There are hints and suggestions in the tips section to fab up something to catch the oil and get it to your drain pan. Also, read the post by Joyflyin. You'll come to love her like the rest of us:

    Joyflyin Does A Service - Harley Davidson Community

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    WHO and WHERE is this dealer located at ? DON'T WANT TO STOP THERE!!!!
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    If you don't have many options, try this. I found a mechanic at my HD dealership that is knowledgeable and I trust. When I take my bike in I always tell the service writer to have that mechanic do the work. He puts it down on the ticket. I also stick my head in to that mechanic's work stall to make sure he knows my bike is there for service.
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    I took my 08 Ultra to the dealer for the 1k service. When I made the appointment they asked what fluids do you want. I told them, they said they do not carry the Mobile 1 or the Spectro Platinum, to bring them with me. They deducted the cost of whatever they were going to use (Syn3 I assume) I still thought $275 for the service was a little high. If your dealer won't offer the option to provide your own fluids I would go elsewhere. I would suggest as others have to get the manual and a few tools and do it yourself. If you can read and follow directions it is simple to do, just take your time. And the knowledge available to you here is nothing short of amazing. Good luck with it. Oh yeah, my 5k service cost me about $50 for gaskets, HD filter, fluids, and about 4 hours of my time. (I'm cheap when I work for myself) :)
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    I agree to do it yourself. Be sure you document all you do and keep receipts. Your dealer sounds spot on for what he charged. If you brought your own fluids and they charged you 275.00 that is about right. It is 350-375 normally. Yes it is high but they are in it to make money, nothing wrong with that. I would not expect them to do it for less as they have to pay their overhead. We all have the option to do it ourself as I do. It is not that hard for sure. But for those who want to use their services, they expect to pay for it and if they are not prepared either mechanically or functionally, it is worth it. Ride safe.
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    Another vote for do it yourself! I'm not the slickest dude with a wrench but changing the engine, transmission, and primarly oil is easy.

    My dealer had a posted special....oil change for $95. When I asked what the special included, it was the engine oil (non-syn HD) and filter. Like the saying goes, "do the math". Heck, you can pay for a HD Maintenance Manual in one change of the fluids. :)
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