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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Plummie09, Feb 17, 2016.

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    I have a 09 XL1200C and it's purple and silver. But I recently saw a bike in Hard Candy Quick Sliver and LOVE that color! My current bike is perfect for me and there is nothing wrong with it and it's paid off. My question is, is it possible to change out the gas tank and fenders with Quick Silver? I don't want to ditch the purple because it is a custom color that only ran for a year and I don't want to have to give up my bike while they are being painted. I've asked around and I've been told I can get the new parts but I'd have to go with a smaller tank, which isn't something I want to do either. Any advice? Should I try contacting Harley Davidson themselves to see if this can be done? I don't know if this is a Harley exclusive color or if anyone else would even be able to paint it like this.
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    If it is a factory color then you can order tank & fenders to match your color wanted. I don't know why you would have to go with a smaller tank unless the new color, Quick Silver, in on an older bike than 04.. I believe in '04 they went from a 3.5 to a 4.2 gallon tank, could be wrong.
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    I believe my bike has a 4.5 gallon tank. It's an 09. I've asked at the place where I purchased the bike and they are looking into it but they are also the ones that told me I'd have to go with a smaller tank. Would I have to go through Harley themselves and how would I go about that. The only way I see of contacting them is to write them a real letter as they can not accept email at this time. The hard candy QuickSilver is Harley color (not sure if that means it's factory or not), I saw it on a 2015 Street Bob.
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    I have replaced the tank and fenders of 2 of my bikes I bought used parts on my softail I got a pair of really good tanks took one of the tanks to local paint shop they matched the colour and pinstripes and did the fenders to match

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    I agree with Don, find a good local painter and ask him the turnaround time on painting your stock/original parts.
    You might be surprised that the down time won't be to bad.
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    Have you checked in the HD parts and accessory catalog in the paint section? That way you can get new tins and keep your originals
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    I've talked to my dealer and they said that the only way I could do that through Harley would mean getting a smaller tank (2.1 gal) and then having to change out my seat as well. I contacted color mania as HD Don suggested and they have used OEM tins and can do the painting for me. It would cost about as much through color mania for the correct gas tank as it would through Harley for the new and smaller tins. I haven't checked with anyone local who does painting or tried to see if I could find the tins. I want to keep the ones that came with the bike. Now, I need to decide if I like this color enough to take apart my bike and spend $3,000......
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    The painter that did the tourpac for my 05FLTRI only needed the year of my bike and the color. He had a web site that gave him the exact color and code. If you're only shooting one color it might be cheaper to have someone local to the painting. Since your bike is up and running you have time to look for the correct parts on one of the internet sites like ebay.
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    Are you wanting to keep the stock tins and just swap or transform back and forth?

    That specific color is for the "72" model that only has the 2.1 gallon tank. HD really wanted to give that model the 70's old school chopper metal flake look. Thus named the "72"

    You can pick up some salvage tins on ebay or swap meet and then take them to a painter. Plenty of metal flake silver paint jobs that will look great and you can get tank graphics/logos too.....Always Sporty owners that have to change what they have for something they don't. 4.5 tank owners want the peanut and the peanut owners want more range etc. So, they come and go often enough.

    Just depends on budget and patience to find them............

    Personally, it's not just the paint that pops. It's a combo of the paint and tank style that sets off the look. You might find a 3.3 gallon peanut for EFI that doesn't compromise too much range, has the shape and can be paint matched for the look you want.....Those typically come off "R" versions.....

    Good luck!!!