Changed leaking primary gasket.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by HDSickness, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. HDSickness

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    So I changed the primary gasket yesterday, wow $30.00 for a gasket, anyway all went well manual says torque to to 108 to 120 inch pounds. I only have regular allen wrenchs so I just got them snug went on a 30 mile ride and no leaks so I guess I am good. Any comments? do they need to be torqued to this amount really?
  2. JBC2565

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    Yep, that's what I paid for primary gasket $30.85 and $8.50 for clutch cover gasket.
    I wouldn't think regular allen wrenches would be able to snug up real tight. I don't think I could torque on them hard enough. I have a set of socket allen ends and tightened right up. Pretty cheap tool (usually comes in a 5 pc set but I'm sure you can just get the one at Sears) to let me sleep sound at night.
    You might be ok. Just keep an eye on it. Not a pressurized cavity so not a huge force trying to blow by gasket.
  3. Knott

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    Yes it is very important to torque the fastners to the propper torque. Over torquing the fastner will pull the threads out of the primary housing. Under torquing the fastner will allow vibration to destroy the threads in the primary body & cause oil leaks. Also uneven torqueing will caust the primary cover to warp & cause oil leaks.
    Buy a good inch pound torque wrench & use it. It is cheaper than having Heli Coils put in your primary & buying a new outer primary cover.
  4. glazier

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    IMHO it's not so much the torque per bolt, but the fact that each bolt is torqued about the same amount to keep parts from warping. And with the primary, you're supposed to start in the middle and work your way to the outside bolts going in a crosswise pattern. 120 in/lbs. is only 10 ft. lbs. so thats not that tight and you can probably guess what about 10 lbs. feels like. I'm sure you can get to that number just by using allen wrenches, but I would double check with a torque wrench. Auto parts stores sell in./lbs. torque wrenches for about $20-$25. Well worth it and you'll probably use it again in the future.
  5. HDSickness

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    So I went out and got a torque wrench at auto zone only 25 bucks and did it correctly 2 hour ride and no leaks all seems well thanks for advice.
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    Might not be bad to go back and check the torque again after a few heat cycles. I have very little bike experience but lots of chevrolet v8 race motor experience. My question is ....can you pull the Derby cover off without losing oil if the bike is standing straight up? Its on my Gf's 08 sportster 1200.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Sure, if you loose any fluid it wont be much. I like antisieze on these bolts as it makes removal easier and fills in the threads:s