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    Been thinking of adding a stand so as I can clean the bike better and also check the fluids etc, what is the best...the jiffy type or the main centre stand....also is there any loss of ground clearance.....this is very very very important as we do not have any straight roads in NZ...(Down Under):D
    I have an 08 Ultra, and no I do not nurse it...already had to replace the rider boards cause they wear out real easy:bigsmiley14:

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    Centerstand is a nice addition to any full sized touring bike, especially the Ultra...read post #13 by Fifthgear in the link below:


    Wish they made one for my sporty, I would put it on without hesitation!:D I remember ending up on a narrow trail and using the centerstand to swing the bike around...just one of those cases where a centerstand was really a vital part of the long distance tour experience, another is the rear tire removal to fix a flat, (before I learned to pack a plug and fill tubeless tire repair kit in my bag of tricks).
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    I put the HD center stand on my 09 Ultra. I really like the convenience of it when doing really anything to the bike. A little bit of a challenge to get it on by yourself. I don't know about the stands for the 08's but on the 09, it's just three small bolts but with no down pressure on the nut, a person could certainly use another hand. It does affect the look of the bike as you can see it when you look at the side profile as it doesn't quite tuck up as far as I hoped, but as far as clearance, you would have to figure out how to drag the frame of the bike for it to be an issue.

    Just my $.02.
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    I've got the WheelDock center stand on my 08 FLHX, and it works really well. Only 2 bolts to hold it onto the rear crossmember, and it's designed where you can ride off of it if you want to.
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    I have one on my 05 EGS. Best thing I ever did was put a center stand on her. Stands it upright. Makes it easy to clean and change fluids. Plus it saves big time on space in the garage. Really nice when the wife or kids want to get on and off the bike. Plus you can drive off with the stand up. Mine just pops up when I ride away. Oh yea. If you need space in a tight situation, the Center Stand on the EG is the way to go.
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    Funny you should ask. I just had one put on while at the Laughlin River Run this weekend. It's an "EZ-Lift" I think. So far so good. I can ride right off it. It's a little nerve racking at first, trying to not drop the bike when taking it off, or not riding off it too fast. But, I'm getting used to it. I like the room it saves in the garage with the bike standing straight up, and cleaning the bike when I got home from the run was way easier.

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    I have the E-Z Up Center Stand on My 09 Road Glide and it is very easy to use, it is a must have on a Bagger for Cleaning, Oil Changes Ect. I would recommend getting one. Check out the site -

    WHEELDOCK - The Official Site - wheeldock.com
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    Just keep in mind there are ups and downs to everything. There are plenty of horror stories out there about folks who have dumped their bikes off the center stand. Either by bumping it, having it roll forward or settling in a poor surface and falling.
    Not trying to throw a wet blanket on using a centerstand, just a reminder of the pitfalls.
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    Since the only time I ever used a centre stand in the past was in my garage for servicing and cleaning my previous bikes, I decided to just buy a wheel chock when I bought the Ultra. It was half the price of a centre stand, can be used on any bike and the bike doesn't have to lug it around like a centre stand. Works for me!
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    Did you get the center stand from Harley or after market. If after market were from. Thanks