Catalytic converters and stage 1

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by mermaidlover, Jun 28, 2015.

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    I am in the process of paying the harley tax and getting the stage 1 done to my bike. I am going to do it myself and am still contemplating whether to just upgrade the mufflers or go for the full exhaust system ? Either way, I am getting the high flow air filter and fuel management etc. I'm leaning towards the mufflers only option purely and simply because from what I've, read, the full system doesn't make that much difference in HP ? For me, it's more about the sound and the cooler running engine.

    I'm also wondering where the Cat is situated on the Fatboy ? Any ideas and any tips on the above stage 1 ????

    Many thanks
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum, What year is your bike?
    Is it an International model?
    Some had convertors in the mufflers, others were in the head pipe
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    Softail cats are in the mufflers but, as Jack says, whether or not there is a cat will depend on the model year, whether or not it is a California bike and whether or not it is carbed or EFI. Pretty easy to tell, shine a light into the muffler and take a look or stick something in the muffler and see how far it goes. I can tell you that if there is cat, it won't be in the head pipe.
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    Look in your mufflers do you see this?
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    Hi Jack / Dolt

    Many thanks for getting back. My bike is a 2013 Fatboy with the 1690 engine. Not sure if the bike is international ? I live over the pond in England so not sure if that makes a difference to the models / spec of the bikes ? I know they are keen over here with the emissions etc, but saying that, every Harley I see has got a different exhaust fitted and is a lot nicer sounding than mine !!!

    Forgot to mention that my bike is EFI

    Many thanks
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    If your vin# starts with a 5HD it is an international model. All US model vins start with 1HD.
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    It has to be an international model to pass the lighting regulations in the UK however my sportster is a US domestic model that was imported privately by a previous owner but most bikes here are HDI

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    Hi there
    I'm sure the bike will be the international model. I have ordered the bits and bobs for the stage 1 so I am hoping to get it done next week. I have decided on the slip on's so hope it will still make a bit of a difference.