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    I am the proud owner of a 2011 FLHP. It runs great and it is a nice ride. Except, it is SUPER HOT. Living in Florida of cause does not help. Several friends of mine have other model Harleys and they have removed the Catalytic Converter. They cut it open and remover the material, and welded it back together. They state the the bikes run much cooler and did not change the performance. No emission tests in FLA. so not problem. I was told by a friend the the Police bikes do not have a converter. Does anyone know if that is true. I hate to take the converter apart, only to find it is empty. Would appreciate any info on the subject, both pros and cons, and any experience with the removal
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    On the newer bikes the cat. is in the pipe and not the mufflers, if you take off the right side muffler and look inside the header pipe you should be able to see where the cat. is if you can't see it - then it probably doesn't have one.
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    Don't really know if the Police bikes came w/o CAT, but sure someone will chime-in w/info. Like 89 FXRS suggested - can remove pipe(s) and see if it's visible & go from there.

    Removal is fairly simple, but not for anyone who's a novice w/metal-works. If necessary you can (1) swap your header for set w/o CAT or (2) take it to a metal shop & have them remove/re-weld.

    Good luck!
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    My .02c worth is even if you remove the CC you still have an EPA lean bike. The CC traps heat as it leaves the engine, making the exhaust up by your shins and under your behind hotter. I have a feeling the folks who swear by removing it are from the anti-EPA crowd and it is their way of thumbing their nose at Washington. (not that there is anything wrong with that)
    Will removing it make things seem cooler? Sure, you have removed the heat trap but you haven't done anything about the lean situation, the engine is still putting out the same really hot air. You still need to add whatever tuner you choose which will give you not only a cooler running engine but likely more power and a smoother runner.
    Since you are going to spend money on stage 1 and a tuner anyway do that first and see how things feel. If it is still hot go for the CC. That's what I did to my 09 RG in southern California and it is fine except when stopped on some LA freeway when it is 95 outside, then nothing helps.
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    You have a cat.Do a search on the subject and get all your questions answered and more.09's had their cats in mufflers. PM me if you need a pipe already gutted.:s
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    Cut a door in it and get it out like this:


    Clean it out real good then take it to a muffler shop and have em seal it up for ya. Cost me about $35.:p
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    On my new [2 mo. old] ultra] it was so darn hot it was almost unbearable. A decated stock header and an RC Accelerator[ Terry Components] tuner has done the "trick". It's much more pleasant to ride now!!
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    i took the cat out of my '10 ultra. did it like the pic shows. it was a bear to re-weld. i've done this for 42 years and i used 42 years worth of tricks to get it to re-seal. metal was horrible. ended up welding a tic tac toe on the outside of the collector to get it to bend back straight so pipes would line up. friend just ground out the weld at the rear end of the collector and cleaned it out from there. either way it is NOT an easy job. the metal foil is fused to the shell and requires a ton of sanding and cleaning. bike went from hot to very hot. went to dealer and had the brain reflashed to 13:1 a/f ratio. less heat and rarely goes into engine management. mileage is a respectable 42-44 when 2 up. well worth the trouble and the reflash cost. also had the progressability taken out so the roll on the throttle is like a cable. much better throttle response.
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    Thanks Tucci!!! Now I know where CAT is! I would like to see more pictures. :bigsmiley12:
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    Catless head pipes from '09 models are cheap and easy to find; lots of take offs for aftermarket exhausts. Retain your OEM head pipe/cat for resale or the day when Florida starts emission testing.:small3d031: