Cardo Systems Scala Rider Q2 Bike-to-Bike Intercom Communications

Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by scrinch, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. scrinch

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    I bought a cheap communicator for snowmobiling a few years ago and it was a total waste of $$$$

    Does anyone have any experience with this unit? (Cardo Systems Scala Rider Q2 Bike-to-Bike Intercom Communications ) And if so will it work with a half helmet or only with a full shield?
  2. djzoohelp

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    I use a Scada Rider combo so my wife and I can talk while riding (she's on back). We each have our cell phones paired to our Scala Rider headsets, so if one of our boys calls (or whoever) we can answer just by speaking. I've had to convince callers I'm actually on the bike at all - no wind or engine noise - period.
    The headset speakers are communication quality - that means no bass - at all. Technically, you can connect an MP3 player to the headset, but it sounds terrible. FM suffers for the same reason. Broadcasts without music are fine, tho.
    I've ridden with in-ear monitor earbuds (Shures) and I can still hear the Scala headset - I just set it to maximum volume.

    Haven't been able to test it bike to bike yet, but it works perfectly as advertised for our needs.

    Don't underestimate the value of not having wires - sooner or later the wires cause difficulty.
    -Head snaps,
    - tangles,
    - one of you forgets to reconnect and then it's too late -
    - destroyed plugs,
    - water seepage.
  3. Sharky1948

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    A quick counterpoint on the wireless bluetooth points... I had the Blue Ant bluetooth sets on my wife's and my helmets. They were pretty good for intercomm and interfaced well to the GPS and cell phones. I just got a J&M CB unit and am now totally wired (with the exception of the cell phone bluetooth interface through the GPS.) Two big benefits. One, there is much better volume and clarity. Secondly, for long rides I (>5 hours) I don't have issues with the batteries dying. I'd prefer not to have the wires from the helmets, but I'm loving the improved performance.

    Pick your own personal poison! :)

    USMCCWO5 Junior Member

    I had the Xbi when my wife rode on the back, didn't work when she got her own bike.
    Recently upgraded to the Cardo Q2 Rider set. Wow, that thing is awesome. I have a 1/2 shell and she has a 3/4, it doesn't sound like your on a bike. It is clear and the signal reaches pretty far. Farther than you need at any speed.

    It starts to get a fuzzy at the extreme distances, like very twisty roads when my throttle get cracked more than hers.

    Didn't get to see how long they last on intercomm. The FM radio lasts me about two weeks going back and forth to work daily though, and they recharge quickly.

    I looked at the Xb2, but went with the Cardo Scala just to try something different.
  5. fevest

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    I also have the same system, works very well. Good range and long battery life.

    USMCCWO5 Junior Member

    Update: After out 1-week, 2800-mile trip using the Cardo Q2, I noticed a few things.

    They connect to each other quickly and easily, the Chatterbox XBi had to turn on the master unit first, then the secondary unit.
    Charge quickly
    Sound great until wind noise overpowers (75mph or so)
    Work great on both 1/2 and 3/4 shell helmets

    The battery doesn't last all day like the Chatterbox XBi, though that didn't work bike to bike, so I guess less battery draw.
    At about 70-75 mph it gets hard to understand speech.
    No side tone (can't hear yourself talk-like a telephone)
    Wind above 40 or so keeps the mics hot, so you will hear wind noise and the battery will die faster.

    Overall though, this is a great product for the money and if you don't want to add anything to your bike. I would buy them again.
  7. Dr. Dolittle

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    I've noticed that too. There's got to be a better wind sleeve you can put over it to stop this from happening.