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    I would like to have some input on the S & S carburetor for the Harley's. Is it a plus to add it and will it help the peformance of the bike. I have a 2005 Road King and would like a little more pep. Help Glider!
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    I have the stage one screaming eagle. I guess I need to put it on a dyno.
  3. Bud White

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    i would say no the S&S wont do anything for you in this set up now if you had heads and cams then yeah ya might be served with a S&S
  4. Willie G.

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    Use the Super E model and some slip ons and you'll see the difference.
    I had one on my 92' FXDC, It took a week to dial it in but was well worth it.
    Later I used a bolt in S&S 502 (I think) cam and Dyna single fire ignition & duel coils and it all came together well. If you can get Jerry Branch's' Flow Metrics book, it's a good read and and very informative.
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    The S&S is a good carb but it will not make more power necessarily. It's a crisper throttle response more so than the CV carb . If you are running a CV carb, they can be set up pretty well to give you a good running motor. If you need more than it will give you a small cam and some head work along with bumping up the compression would be in order.

    Many topics in this area on the CV carb and how to set it up.

    Fuel and Carb Related Issues - Harley Davidson Community
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    Truth be known changing to an s&s carb,pipes,air cleaner is a waste of good money for what you will get the real hp is in the head work and a good cam but the big differance is the heads if you look around you can get them done for around 400 as long as you pull them and then have them set up for the cam then for under a grand you will notice the differance,jel