Can I complain....Ok thanks

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by mat 60, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. mat 60

    mat 60 Senior Member

    Ill be on my ride again in the spring and its going to be a long winter..One good thing is HDTALKING is the best and Im thankful to all of you that make this happten....Thanks....:)
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    :p Complaint Department first floor room 101:p This is the best tool out there:s
  3. TripleJ

    TripleJ Senior Member

    Complaining is completely understandable and acceptable but we draw the line at whining :D
  4. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    Just be sure to get a comfy chair and a large pot of coffee for when your having a long stay at the computer reading the HD TALKING.....
    And everything will be OK...:s
  5. HDDon

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    "Five Dollar Fine For Whining" Chris LeDoux
  6. fin_676

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    Although not much of the white stuff so far this year perhaps it will be here tomorrow
    we have had a lot of wind max speed picked up on my weather station is 103.3 mph although it only records all the data at 30 min intervals so i do not know when that high wind was, most of the time it is between 35 and 40 mph and it has been like this a lot of the time for more than a week however cat who often stays outside most of the time will not go out which seems like a good plan to me

  7. speedyron

    speedyron Active Member

    Thursday was a beautiful day for riding Mat alltho I spent my day watching the bikes ride by hanging from a bridge removing bolts in Auburn:D
  8. mat 60

    mat 60 Senior Member

    You wouldn't get me hanging off no bridge ,I hope:p..I did hang off roofs when I was young..The only thing hanging here is my belly over my belt.:laugh
  9. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    Omaha had 1st snowfall yesterday so the long winter wait has begun. If it wasn't for HDTalking & the great bunch here interacting...I'd go loco...:bigsmiley40:
  10. Eleven below zero here Monday. Warmed up to the low twenties on Tuesday, but the wind blew making it seem below zero.
    I hate it. My wife and I made a commitment to ride at least once every month of the year but so far December is not cooperating.
    I love HDTalking, but it has an adverse affect on me. When I read about riding and bike tips and such I get a strong hankering to get out and RIDE. But single digit temps and icy roads make it impossible.
    Maybe I need to join a quilting group or something to get me through winter....