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    I have a 03 fatboy... I am planning on a cam swap. Can I get some input on installing a gear drive setup instead of the chains and tensioners, pros and cons? any help will be appreciated.
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    Gunmetal here's a dyno graft of a 02 fatboy I've done, it had S&S 510G with big bore & httc heads, the cams do alright by themselfs too. I installed a set of s/e 203 in a dad's bike and 510G in his son's bike, well the dad came back acouple of weeks later and asked what I could do to make his bike fast as his sons. I would not go no bigger then the 510G's, unless you want to run it at the strip, you could also upgrade to the new high flow oil pump w/roller chain too if you wanted, and andrews makes some good cams also both gear & chain, I'm sure you'll get a lot of input from other forum members too, it all good. Good luck and happy caming.

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    In my opinion, the roller chain conversion is a superior option to the gear drive for this engine. The gear drive requires careful measurement of the lash and adjustment of this with over/under sized gears. Also, the gear drive is less forgiving of the crank runout.

    The '07+ style roller chain and hydraulic tensioners do not have the same worry as did the spring loaded tensioners. The new style tensioner shoes are a different material, and the design of the chains will not attack the shoes as the silent chains did the spring-loaded tensioner shoes.

    If you want to consider the roller chain conversion, see here:

    TQ's Engine Build - Harley Davidson Community

    Here is all the stuff I bought to do the project:

    Part for TQ's Roller Chain Project

    Good luck with your decision.

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    I have a brand new set of 203 cams in the box you can have for 200$ if you want to go that route....

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    I see you are NEW to HDT and I would say WELCOME...

    here's MY IMPUT

    I am a member just like YOU but have been around here for a while, do ALL my own work.... JUST trying to HELP out and ANY OPINIONS and EXPERIENCES are from me and not HDT.........

    THE MODERATORS are VERY knowledgeable and will assist all of US..... THIS being THE FINEST, CLEANEST site on the FORUM for the HD's.. BAR NONE

    SO MANY TIMES I have SUGGESTED to the MANY WHO ASK your questions, to go with the NEW STYLE set-up (KITS) OVER GEAR DRIVES.....WHY???

    KITS,,, to rid ALL the PROBLEMED goodies of HD's POOR ENGINEERING back in the older models (pre 07's),,, are available and HD' KIT OR (john) HERKO is suggested to get you going in the right direction......

    KITS: i use here are FOR EXAMPLE ONLY (you decide) HD's kit #25284-08, $429.95 plus spacer KIT if needed

    THIS HD KIT gets you UP-DATED to the newer style of HYDRAULIC chain tensioners..ALONG WITH the NEW cam plate AND the MUCH NEEDED OIL PUMP of higher volumes... ALL this WAS needed from the VERY FIRST TC (99) thru the (06) big bike ...

    HARLEY FINALLY changed to NEW STYLE in the 06 dyna (ginny pig) and 07's and up thru 2010's TC's came stock with the NEWER SYSTEMS..

    I have HEARD NOTHING BAD about the NEWER style and ONLY PRAISE and GOOD LONGEVITY with the newer style system of today...

    MY 09 FLHR is a good example of HAPPY WITH NEW STYLE....
    I do my OWN total RE-building of my bikes and find NO NEED to change the NEW STYLE cam stuff out.....

    ARE A MUST for the NEWER STYLE PARTS $$ wise, being at a VERY GOOD price (look in hd's book at what you get).... COMPARED with changing out to a gear drive THEN ADDING the NEWER up-date needed stuff.....

    JUST ADDING A PUMP n CAM PLATE alone to the gear drive set-up in my 2000 cost me an extra 750$$ ....PLUS the higher price of gear drive unit..

    THE KIT of today gives you all the NEEDED up-dated parts that COST a ton of money going the GEAR DRIVE WAY I did back then.

    I would do the KIT then BUY YOUR CAMS....
    THEN YOU WILL have a NEW STYLE MOTOR that will be TROUBLE FREE of the OLD FASHIONED type spring shoes n sharp chain problems. let alone the HIGH VOLUNE oil pump.

    I would of gone with the NEWER STYLE KIT if it had been available back then(2000)....


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    Thanks for all the input I'll let everyone know what route I take!!!
    I'll probably do something within the next 6 months