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    I just finished reading Donny Petersons unauthorized guide to Harley twin cams. He seems very knowledgeable. One area he focused on was the newer cam support plates. The '07 and up I believe that use the hydraulic cam tensioners. Well, there is a questionable issue revolving around the cam bearing . The cam plate uses " parent material" instead of a pressed in bushing. Over time, he speculates that this may cause ovaling of the hole size. He uses the term " Moment Arm Force". I just converted my '02 Road King with an Andrews kit up to the hydraulic cam tensioner type. I'm wondering if I should have used the Screamin' Eagle billet cam plate # 25282-07 with it's pressed in bushings. Or if they are a direct fit for the Andrews 26 N cams. I read that only time will tell if this is a serious issue. Any thoughts from you folks ? Thanks !!!
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    I believe the Andrews 26n cams can only be used with the Andrews plate. As far as the bearing material is concerned, there are a lot of conversions on the road and we never hear of such a failure. Time will tell, I guess.

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    The Andrews N series cam are designed for the 07 Harley cam support plates.