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    I have a 2007 Heritage Softail Classic with about 10,000 miles on it. It is currently stock and I am going to have Vance and Hines Big Shots and a SE Heavy Breather added. I figured while I was at it, I would change the cams as well so that I do not have to pay to have it run on a dyno twice. I am thinking about the SE 255 cams. Is this a good choice for a softail or are there better options? I am open to S&S, Andrews, and cams from Bob Woods. Thanks for the help.
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    You will find (as I did) using the SE 255 cams give the performance a BIG Boost.. Now yours being a lighter bike and I NOT knowing your ride style makes it hard to recommend..

    IF you don't Rev your motor out to redline most of the time BUT yes, get on it and want the power-band to come on Early, the SE 255 will do a Great Job..

    If you run it Fast and HIGH rpm most of the time you might want to do a different cam BUT Different (later closing intake numbers) will require More compression to work properly...

    I would forget the dyno$$$$ and skip the down load HD offers. NO NEED and go for a TFI tuner to get the fuel needed to run that bike properly...Install TFI and set it yourself EASY.... TFI comes with A discount of 10$ and free shipping right now IF you let them know you are a member.

    My 96" 09 FLHR is stage one and TFI.. I installed the SE255 cams and use SE slender taper adjust. push rods..

    Very Happy..

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    I just helped my biddie put the S&S gear drive kit with their 510 grind, in his bike and it sounds and performs great.
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    Can someone explain the performance differences between the SE 204 cam and the SE 255 cam? Thanks.
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    Harley-Davidson Camshafts here is some good reading on cams:s
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    Here is a copy of the HD Sceaming Eagle Catalog that has detailed explanations for each SE Cam Listed. Also has some good info on choosing a cam starting on page 24 thru 26.

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    Big Boyz Head Porting - Twin Cam Camshaft Comparator

    You can use this above chart IF you understand a little about cams.
    Make sure your 3 windows say HD Injected 07-09 for your bike... Pick the cams listed... Now Don't get carried away as Most Will, thinking bigger is better. It isn't . If you Go later intake close you will need to compensate More compression some place to make up for the lost compression... Larger pistons and Higher compression pressures are needed and that means $$$$$$$.. and planning...

    Bolt-in cams that that work good are Usually early in closing.... 40* is pretty much NOT for the stock 96" motors without pistons and Head/valve work.

    I'd never go past 34* even on a light bike (newer TC 96"ers) with out head work and higher compression then 40* to 46* would work.. BUT it is a Give and then Take away situation.....

    I've built these above bigger builds and not simple to do properly, You Don't Just toss a cam at a bike even a bolt in, and expect it to work right.. Lots of Planning goes into the better builds using the best tried and proven combinations..(copy the winners)

    Early intake valve closing @25* SE 255 cams have Low Torque , Com'n on early on the cam,good High lift .550 . Good breathers for the 96" bikes closing earlier than the 204 cams + More power thru higher compression than the se204 (SE 255=more compression staying in the motor because of early intake close)

    The SE 204 Intake closes Later @34* with its lower lift of .508...Later closing of intake(stock cams closes a@30*) on the 204 means a little Loss of compression when compared to the stock cam and the 255's, which have More compression that the Both cams...

    On a lighter bike like yours Mid weight.. the 204 will develop torque and power at HIGHER rpm's to make power in the power band while the 255's will make it earlier, down lower in rpm's... I don't want to keep my bike turning 3500 rpm to get some power DO YOU????

    You have to decide If you are a Hot rodder or a Little Hot rodder..
    Both cams will act totally different.... Personally, i would go with the SE255 with full stage one and a TFI ... The se255 are Made for the 96" TC engines and they really work Great....

    I have built a few hot bikes and promised Not with my 09 FLHR but truthfully IT is a Hot Rod when I need it,,, it shows plenty of torque to Pull hard and Fast..... I would prefer the one I'm using now... SE255..

    Oh sure, Later I'll go 103 and head work but right now i'm satisfied (for now).

    Just My Way

    Hope this Long explan. helped you out. It is from years of trying to do it right...... Others might get something out of I hope so.