Cam install and Camchest rebuild

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    Finished camchest rebuild on my 01 F/I Road King ...For me the hardest part of the job was a pushrod leak that I still cannot seem to get stopped....I installed the S&S 510 Gear Drive Kit with S/E qiuck install pushrods.....Advance Auto had all the correct tools to remove and install bearings.... Bike has 20K miles and the inside shoe had 90% wear, outside had 10% wear.. Boy was I living on a Hope and a Prayer.....Took my time and checked everything several times. Crank runout was at .0015..... She started right up the first time and within minutes she had a nice low whine and a lot more Lope at idle....... It was not that hard of a job, I took my time and was very anal, so it took me @ 10 hrs... I needed only basic shop tools, except for the Dial Indicator ......A Indy charged me $40 to press out/in cams and gears.
    I would definitely do the job again and I saved @ $600 in labor to boot...Enough that I bought a PCIII and will get a Dyno Tune.... Next off to the HD dealer who has a Winter Dyno Tune Special for $175... Anyone need any help or have questions about the build chime in or pm me. Stan

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    WOW , great save on that inner .. just reading on an inner bearing and shoe failure on harley techtalk .. tons of damage . How about that bearing puller from auto advance , any info?
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    Been thinking of doing the same to save on cash
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    Great job! If you have more pix, you might want to do a step-by-step like that below.

    For the rest of you folks considering do a cam chest job in order to get rid of the spring loaded tensioners, check the link below. It is an easy project. Doesn't matter if you are going with the roller chain option or gear-drive. Much of this pictorial will apply.

    TQ's Engine Build

    Harley Davidson Community

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    A few chain auto supply stores rent/loan tools which you probably alreay know. I forget the part number off hand but if you look on the sales counter they have a listing of the rental tools with pictures. What you will want is a blind hole bearing puller kit. It comes with about 4 to 6 different size ends that screw onto the slide hammer to remove the bearings. I just used one in June to do my motor rebuild and it worked like a charm, but used Autozone and paid $39 for the loaner. Pay them to borrow it and get your refund when you return the tool. Can't beat that when you need a tool you will use infrequently.
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    i have heard that going with the gear drive that they are noisey. How are yours sounding at idle and at higher rpms. I have 25000 miles on my 03 now and planning to cut filter to ck for orange flakes. Have been up in the air between gears or going with new style hyd.
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    Severe noise is improperly installed gear drive. Some noise is normal. Crank run-out is the going to be your deciding factor between gears or not.
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    OP, Did you inspect/upgrade the oil pump and spring? Just curious.

    Is it possible you have a double o ring issue causing the tube leak?
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    wow did you luck out on the inner cam shoe. i am getting ready to do a cam switch on my 2012 SG. nice to see people who do thier own work, it helps everyone with the tricks and info to the next person.