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    the shop that works on my bike checked cam chain tensioners said they were wore about 50% so planing on doing upgrade during winter primary to.just saw a guys post about can of worms. bike has 32000 on 01 electraglide not going to make a hotrod out of it . may change cams but they will probly be stock don't know alot about motors i read alot of post i can tell the ones that are talking like they know what is best and the ones that think they know.
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    I did the gear drive change and love it. 01 Ultra with 60k. My shoes were pretty bad but had not broken up. My local indy guy, (Rick's Cycle Parts) sold my all the parts, loaned me the special tools needed and provided all the nessarry supervision to complete the job. S&S Gear drive with the 510G cams. I have put about 7k on my bike since the install. Helped my low end but it did lower my fuel milage a little, and I have a little gear noise. All the bennies outweigh the cons by a large margin.
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    The previous posts gave some good links.

    Also there are few threads that have covered gear drive versus chain upgrades plus a few other items. Do a search (this forum) for said items for in depth discussions.

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    MOST modifications will NOT improve mileage.. The HD are about as lean as you can operate them. TOO lean in my book.

    The new hydraulic tensioner is a Good Safe change from the shoe.. IF You are Happy with the stock bike DON'T change anything But the Up-grade... the new pump and tensioner system will give you many trouble-free miles and No worries involved..

    Every time a part like Cams are changed they need OTHER parts changed to match the changes in valve timing.. Nothing wrong with STOCK except LEAN on fuel...

    I Would suggest a TFI/Gen3 and the hydraulic conversion.. YOU will be Happy...

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    And I am going to heed both of those reccommendations Bubbie. Except I have to get the Gen 1 for my '03 which seems to be just fine by those who have it.
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    I did the cam plate upgrade to, too, two!! Best thing I ever did. Now remember when you put in a new chain its gunna eat the shoes a lil more as to using a chain that has XXXXX amount of miles on it. Check the shoes at the recommended intervals and go from there.

    You could go up a cam size or two (.510 lift or below) and be A OK in the valve train department.